Moonlight Shadow

Mortality Badge - Sarah Thursday
Dark Gold Sand Healing Crystal Ring - Ohm Boho
Balance Antique Amethyst Ring - Regalrose

Top Hat - H&M
Moon Tee - TK Maxx
Sheer Waterfall Grunge Cardigan - H&M
Moonlight Leggings - Poprageous
Leather Backpack - Flea Market
Vegan Leather Boots - Dr.Martens

Like a moonlight princess, the white shadow in her face, surrounded by a wall of sparkly lights on a dark black endless ground where everything breaks limits and times.
No matter when I look up to the moon, thinking about the people on the other side of the world or just looking up into the sky, all the unanswerable questions pop up into my mind. Why do we even live, what's the matter of life in connection to the galaxy? Does that space up there has an end? Like, what the heck there must be a fucking end somewhere but how does it looks like? A border into nothing? But the galaxy is already "nothing", empty, dark, cold, dead. Maybe there begins a rainbow colored place of happiness and beautiful lights that will turn you into a magical vibe, maybe it's just something that we don't know about yet. Like room, time and matter exist, something what is far out of our possible knowledge. We will probably never find it out.

And then there's us, everyone so small, just a tiny living creature between millions of other people and we all struggle so hard, worry too much, in the end leaving our existence and there's no return, everything is forgotten. What I want to say is, live the damn moment and don't think about tomorrow. It is your life and live it how you want not the people around you. People often ask me where I have got my strength and confidence, I simply saw the humanity from a different point of view. I love to philosophize and to think about the little happenings that change our life from one second to the next. I got hurt enough in the past, all left except myself and my will to help and to inspire people. I was once also a really shy girl without confidence and friends, still lonely but happy about my achievements and the knowledge I have taken with me into my future, the self-confidence, yet it left wounds, anxiety, but I'm living here to understand it and to teach myself. Living means improving, growing up, it's a constant flowing stream, a lunar cycle, a cycle that we call life.

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