About my Tattoos

It's exactly one month ago when I have got my first tattoos, I have already shared informations on Instagram, as well answered questions on Tumblr about the meaning of my finger tatttoos. I thought to collect everything on here again to put it in one post, as well to answer open questions, so feel free to leave a comment if there's anything you want to know!

To my main Tattoo, the Quote

(I have copied the text from my Photo on Instagram because It explains everything perfect already)

It's a quote by Charles Bukowski that says:''People empty me. I have to get away to refill.'' 

When I have heard about this statement for the first time I couldn't get it out of my mind anymore. It was always in my head, always the answer when I came into social situations again. Over the time I have realized that I'm not a person that can cope with lot of people around. I'm a loner, even if it hurts sometimes. I feel better when I am alone. It was difficult to accept that at the beginning but now I learn to live with it more and more, day by day. I always thought it's something bad but I feel better when I am on my own. I feel stressed and pressured around people and in social situations, get anxious and uncomfortable, feel overwhelmed, responsible for everything. I know it's not good to 'run away' from such situations but I slowly started to extract the advantages from it. I am able to see things that other people will never realize, I can spend more time on learning things about myself, the world and philosophy, can expand my horizons and creativity, have no obligations. But the problem is that I also put all my energy into people that 'can't touch me', like on here. I want to help and inspire, I am literally often way too kind and completely trust only in karma. I am just not able to share hate in this world, I treat other people like how I expect it from them to me. I spend too much energy into the requirements of others while losing myself completely after a while and then this statement comes back to me and it's getting repeated in my head over and over again, like an echo of loud voices, like a scream of help. I hope I could explain it quite understandable, I could write a book about it again. Oh and to the word 'book', besides that, Charles Bukowski is such an important man for me and I love his books, thoughts and how he has lived his life. He was such a wise man.

To my Finger Tattoos and the Crescent Moon on my Wrist

(this is what I have answered to a question on Tumblr about my finger tattoos)

what is the meaning of your tattoos on the fingers?

Okey at first, tattoos don’t! always need to have a meaning, my next planned tattoos are also more art than things with a meaning, of course I always connect them with important things, my personality, soul and feelings, but I just wanted to mention it again as a lot of people think a tattoo needs a meaning(familiar wise etc) but that’s not necessary in my opinion :)

the ones on my fingers have a meaning yes, at least the main signs..the Libra stands for my character, my outstanding troubles with making decisions(I was also born under the sign of the Libra, that probably influences me), the hourglass is a reminder to me that I only live once and that I shouldn’t see time as an enemy, even if I often fight against the time…time is a really really important thing for me…as to that the arrows exhibit to don’t look back and to fight further even if it seems that everything is resting..the dots don’t have a meaning, they are just beautiful! and the heart..it’s..a heart you know? you can’t go wrong with a heart :) and I think about my sister and the true beloved people in my life when I look at it ♥ 

And the crescent moon on my wrist was a pretty spontaneous decision. I always had an obsession with the moon phases and with dot work tattoos and I also have an strange obsession with my prominent wrist bone. Then I came to the idea to get a crescent moon around it, like a focus on something that I love about myself. It was the best spontaneous decision I could make, I love it to the fullest ♥

My artist has done a great job and I would always go back to her when I'll get my next tattoos, you can have a look at her work and studio on Facebook

Now to the also often asked question, did it hurt?

Yes and no, at first I got my finger tattoos, next the crescent moon and lastly the quote, which is the right order from the pain range. The finger tattoos were really uncomfortable, especially the dots. My tattooist said it's one of the most hurtful parts and totally normal! But of course it was bearable, also because it was just a short pain as the signs and dots are pretty small. The moon was in a normal pain range and finally the quote was like nothing, I honestly felt no pain anymore! Also, when you talk with your tattooist while you get tattooed you will forget everything around you and the time passes by rapidly :3



  1. Sehr schöne Tattoos! Vorallem die am Finder finde ich sehr schön :)
    Liebe Grüße

  2. I love your tattoos! The ones on your fingers are so simple, yet really pretty and meaningful.
    I'm don't have a tattoo yet, because they are so expensive (and I'm a little scared ^^), but I would like quote as well.

  3. Wunderschöne tattoos, besonders das zitat ist wahnsinn
    Alles Liebe,
    Fee von Floral Fascination