Lumpy Space Princess

I have finally got myself a remote control for my camera to take photos apart from my usually locations and backgrounds. Luckily I have also received my package with this unbelievable cute Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time two-piece and thought to take the opportunity to shoot in it outside with my new helpful toy - result of my last Friday, I have taken an unreal amount of photos, to be exactly, I filled my whole 8GB memory card haha, I don't know but I tried out so many poses, changed my location a few times to find the perfect place with the best lighting. After a few hours outside I have spent the rest of my day to sort out the photos. It's so so much work, I think a lot of people don't even know how much effort there is actually behind it! Anyway, I hope you like my first shots and tries with my remote control, I couldn't decide which ones to upload so I hope you are not annoyed of this huge amount of selfies ^_^





I have also met this cutie on my adventure accidentally on the National Cat Day, she was so trusting and  has posed for me ♥




  1. Oh my Glob you guys! Love the photos Kimi ^^- Keep at it!

  2. Beautiful ! :)