Creepin' it Real

I have the honor to work together with the guys from Stay Creepy Clothing, a little specific brand, based in a small town in UK within a forest infested valley called Clayton Le-Woods. I saw myself in their clothes immediately, it fits perfect to little Creepers and crazy Witches like me. The whole design has tickled all autumnal feelings out of my heart, moreover reminded me that Halloween is just around the corner, okey, more or less, but the time passes by so fast, it's crazy creepy! I already have the smell of warm pumpkin soup in my nose, scenes of Tim Burton's 'The Nightmare before Christmas' whirr wild in my head, and not to forget Manson's 'This is Halloween' Song, friggin' love it! >^o^< Anyway, the photos were photographed on my local graveyard, by Narcoticarts of course!

Have a look at Stay Creepy's Online Shop and their Instagram to be up on date for their new design releases, special offers and to get the chance to win their soon coming giveaway competition!


'TRUST NO ONE Baseball Tee' by Stay Creepy Clothing
Glasses - Vintage
Leather Harness - Selfmade
Pouch Bag - Second Hand
Americana Moto Jacket by UNIF
Studded Creepers 

I hope you like it, 

Stay Creepy little Creeper,

Trust no one but our own kind.

1 comment :

  1. Hi Kimi,

    die Bilder sind super toll und das dein Styl ziemlich fancy ist, braucht dir wahrscheinlich auch keiner mehr zu sagen .

    du wurdest von mir nominiert für den liebster Award.
    Hab dir 11 coole Fragen gestellt und würde mich riesig freuen, wenn du die Nominierung annimmst.