Phussy Review

Beforehand I wanted to let you know that I couldn't blog over the last time and had no internet because minnie mie was a bit clumsy(like always, I swear, especially when it's about technics) and spilled my morning coffee right over my lap, great! I know it's pretty disappointing BUT I could get me a new computer! Luckily it's thousand times better to work with, it's faster, has more power and on top of that I can finally play video games again! My laptop had already problems before and overheated too fast so I couldn't play my beloved games like Skyrim, Fable and AoE 3 anymore, now I can follow my addictions again ^o^ oh and I could rescue all my photos and files, thanks to god!

Anyway, this post is about a wonderful crazy shop called PHUSSY, owned from the lil cutie Olivia Davies! She sells vintage and handmade single pieces, from dresses with rad patterns to comfy bikinis and accessories along with things that you can buy frequently! I really love her shop and clothing pieces, in my eyes it has this indie and bohemian touch, combined with a naughty but sweet feeling, it's so special and I just love it!

I have styled her Paisley Bandana Bikini Top over a simple black tee, even if it is already too cold here to wear it on the beach, it's also great to wear it as like an crop top apart from hot sun and cold, blue ocean water!




Paisley Bandana Bikini by Phussy
Black Top by Only
Mesh Jacket by Monki
Necklace made by myself

Besides that, the package included lil sweet candy hearts ♥, next to a questionnaire which I will share and answer of course, it's also a good way to learn more about me as I didn't have told you much on here before : )

What's your name?

My full name is Kim-Marie Mandy Menz, which I am really proud of as it's soo long, as well because my sister's name is Mandy too! ♥

What do you do?

Lately I spend all my time and energy into blogging and fashion, I follow my hobbies and try to learn more about me and my surroundings day by day. I'm still not exactly sure where I will stand in a few months or years, but what I know is that I will find my true passion and I just love to talk about fashion and to inspire people with my ideas, doings and thoughts


Libra ♥ famous for having strong troubles with making decisions!

Tell us 3 facts about you:

1. I strongly believe in karma and fate what causes that I'm not able to spread hate or negative vibes and I also believe in energy that snaps in human souls, and these energy connects people to each other

2. I'm left-handed and really happy about it!

3. one of my biggest dreams is it to learn to play piano, already only alone for the reason to play the song ''This Will Make You Love Again'' by IAMX, this song is like heaven's sound

How would you describe your style?

That's honestly a pretty good question. I have experienced that I went through lots of different style phases over the past years, from a trendy chick with huge, shiny earrings, ballerinas and big belts to a scene-emo girl time, followed by a black haired metal queen with band shirts and chucks and till today I have carried little pieces out of every phase and created a completely new style, my own different one. My styles and outfits varies from time to time, often influenced by my mood and feelings, but it always has this vintage and bohemian touch, along with grungy-witchy elements. I think it's pretty important to try out different edges in the fashion world. I have experienced that a lot of young girls complain that they have no idea what kind of style they have and also have problems to find it and they become desperate. But listen, that's totally normal! I still couldn't find the ONE style, and that's also totally normal too in my opinion. I love to be independent and I don't want to label myself. I'm just me, but the important thing is that you put a piece of your own personality and taste in in(inspiration is okey but never copy something) and this is what I convey in my outfits, that's what makes it special

What are your must have Phussy pieces?

Every piece in the Phussy Store is awesome, but a must have is definitely this Bandana Bikini or one of the beautiful patterned dresses, they are pretty recognizable. I also love the Bikini so much because you can style it in loads of different ways no matter how the weather is!

Don't forget to have a look in the Phussy Store and on Olivia's Blog, you can also find her on Instagram!


  1. Hey,

    ich liebe deinen Style so sehr^^
    Die Outfits sehen richtig geil aus und ich denke, ich werde mir auch ein paar Klamotten von einigen der Labels die du vorgestellt hast zulegen

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. Hey Saksy,

    danke für deine lieben Worte xx Ich liebe es einfach verschiedene, auch meist noch nicht so bekannte Labels und Shops vorzustellen und zu zeigen. Freut mich wirklich das es dir gefällt, werde mich in Zukunft auch hoffentlich wieder mehr um meinen Blog hier kümmern ♥

    Liebste Grüße zurück, Kimi