Purple Passion

Ohhh well well well what happened? I'm so sorry for the long break on here, I just couldn't find the time to work on posts and I was busy with real life, friends, hobbies and stuff. You can follow me on Instagram if you want to stay updated, I post there literally everyday! Anyway, if you haven't already noticed it, I finally overcame my fear of leaving my white hair behind me and dyed it purple! That was around one month ago from now and the color faded out so quickly already. I have mixed the color with conditioner and just used the half of the pot so I can redye my hair and refresh the color in the following days with the rest. After that I will stick to a new color because I want to play around with different colors and it's always so exciting for me to try out new things. At first when I dyed my hair I was like ''holy shit I can't find anything to wear!'' And I literally only wore black and white clothes. I just feel so different with a dark color on my head. It's so strange, my whole feelings and senses are completely different now. It's like I became a more 'colder' type. I literally just wear colors like blue, green, purple and black of course. Not that it's bad or something, this is just what I have experienced and I love changes in my life. I have really missed it! Try out as much things as possible, even if you are afraid. Believe me, nothing feels worse than the state of stagnation and monotony. Make your life bright, it's an up and down of feelings in every perspective, don't give up if you feel low, the key is to learn to handle with the situation and to fight against it. Make it to a part of yourself, it's a piece in everyone's life.

it never gets easier.
you just get better.

The Healing Wand Necklace and the Buddha Pendant are both from Tigermarket 

The 'Rune' and the 'Hunt' Midi Ring on the last picture are by The Rogue and The Wolf

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