This Was Halloween

Omen Sigil Fedora Hat - Killstar
Clear Mini Backpack - Dolls Kill
 Two Piece - Rokoko via Asos
Cape - Punk Rave via SaiSai
Platform Boots - VII & Co.

This is was Halloween!

Okay well firstly I know my Halloween post comes a bit late but never late than never right? Haha. I also talked about catching up on content and posts this week but I was busy with other stuff to be honest. I'm trying to focus on proper things literally just played Dragon Quest XI to forget about reality. This game just got me with its funny and crazy happenings and the main story is so long I'm still not finished yet. It's quite surprising as I'm not used to games who put importance into the storyline in today's industry. 
But apart from that I went to the Halloween party from my friend on Wednesday which was quite fun! Maybe you've seen a bit in my story on my Instagram. What did you do on Halloween or this week overall? I was asking in my stories too and most of you had a chill evening on their own which was quite unexpected to me. Anyway, I was wearing a velvet two piece made of top and flared trousers which are covered in silver stars combined with a long cape, a witchy fedora hat of course, a moon necklace and some chunky boots. I had a clear backpack with me too where I wanted to store creepy stuff inside but didn't have anything spontaneously with me. It was such a cool and fun look but also quite different and comfy. I couldn't resist to put glitter into my face again haha. The black lipstick makes up for it! It's not that creepy overall but I'm a good witch so I just wanted to catch my witchy vibes 🔮

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday!



  1. Amazing post! I like the black lips.

  2. It's different post, but I totally love it!

  3. Do you have a prefered place(online) where you buy your wigs?
    Have a nice weekend😊