Sunday Mood

Hey pals!

and like with every post I have to start with an apology for not being much active on my blog anymore. I literally only post on my Instagram at the moment. I just can't find enough time to post everything on here as well due my job and busy single pringle life. I really miss to talk about serious things. There's so much on my mind I'd like to share and discuss with you, but don't wanna just talk about it halfway through. Anyway, next week I have off from work so might create a few posts to share on here to catch up the last couple of months. I didn't mean to stay at home this week as I wanted to go to London or a place anywhere else. Maybe something spontaneous is coming up tho. I'm a bit social awkward at the moment I don't deny that from you. That causes a lot struggles with myself and a hard time as well. Winter is coming up too. You know it's not easy for most of us, those dark and cold gloomy days. But it has a lot of benefits too and we all should take care of us and focus on the important things in life. 

Anyway, you guys went crazy for that Ghibli sweater on my IG I know, isn't it cute? I spotted it at Shades Treasures and just had to get it. It's a single vintage piece but she has lots of other treasures available in her shop you should check it out! Can you also spot my plants next to me? I thought my homegrown pumpkins look great next to Totoro. It's insane how quickly they are growing(as well my hair duh) you can see the progress highlighted on my Instagram. Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely Sunday!