Home Is Where Your Heart Is

The coach back to the airport always invites me to write about my trip and this is what I’m going to do now while looking out of the window trying not to think about the fact how quickly these days passed by again. Isn’t it strange how different time feels when we are in other places and situations? How little control we have over it and how little we have of time itself overall. I’m wondering how it is to be in this travel state on a constant level. At least say on a long term base. I’m sure this would change your life completely. 

With each journey I take to places I’m learning more and more about myself and the way things work in my surrounding. London now became to a second home for me already. I don’t really fear the travels anymore. You’ve might noticed that before as I didn’t write public about it like I used to. It’s funny as now I stay so calm in situations where I didn’t know where to go, where I used to be so scared and insecure. Is it because I’m starting to give a fuck about what could happen to me? Or is it because I simply trust myself more? Back then I completely relied upon other people all the time, now I enjoy being on my own as it expands my confidence. The only way to get better when it comes to Agoraphobia and social anxiety is to face your fears. No matter what it feels great and nothing is better than independence. But the more I seek freedom and inspiration, the more I realize how toxic my daily situation with my new second job is at the moment. Something has to happen and if it’s not happening from another side then I have to put it into action to become the happy and inspired person that I used to be. I’m not going too detailed into this as we speak about different worlds now which should stay separate but if you’re unhappy with your job then go and change something. Otherwise you are just another victim of society slowly getting drained and soaked out like a wrinkly dry raisin. 
Speaking about my London trip this time I’m not sure if I feel like explaining everything into detail again but writing more about the things around I noticed as it might be helpful and inspiring to some of you. However, I still like to tell you about my final meet up with Sarah Thursday and some other exciting upcoming things. 

Starting Tuesday evening 
my flight to London had a delay of one hour and a half this time which was a bit annoying as I usually already arrive in the middle of the night so this added some extra time up to 4 am. Luckily I wasn’t that tired and woke up super early already as on Wednesday I met up with a good internet friend I knew for a bit since years already. It was such an interesting meet up. Emily was with me too. We spent time together around South Bank and later Spitalfields. The weather was so nice on that day like it has been throughout my whole stay. Not a single rainy day can you believe that?!

I was wearing a dress over a faux leather wet look skirt which I lend from Emily. Fishnets for the grungy touch and all the accessories(including the iced coffee of course!)

On Thursday
of course I met Sarah Thursday. Finally. The main reason why I actually wanted to come to London at this specific time. After all these years we’ve been working together online it’s just so weird to meet in person and what a surreal and indescribable feeling. 
I started my day at Veggie Pret again as this is one of my favorite places in Soho. After that went into The Ragged Priest for a chat with the sweet staff followed by Underground England which is one of my favorite brands when it comes to Creepers and the British culture. Then the moment Sarah came into the store as we made this to our meeting point. The way we hugged like sisters who haven’t seen each other in a very long time. Nothing in this world can describe or replace that feeling at all. I was so happy that we all got along so very well and I felt great introducing Sarah to Underground in person too. We also took a few pictures and discussed about upcoming plans which you’ll be so excited and happy about as well! 

Afterwards we got iced coffee and doughnuts at a shop called Crosstown Doughnuts just around the corner which were so damn yummy! Really recommendable if you crave for vegan treats. I had a vegan coconut lime custard filled one. 

Emily joined us later and went around Soho checking out places like Monki and Drop Dead. It was hard saying goodbye to Sarah again but I felt that we’ll see each other soon again and I’m pretty sure about that so it left a positive feeling in me and she’s still in my heart I can feel it 💜

Later we got dinner at the Ethos restaurant which is such a super fancy and cool place with loads of vegan options! You have a buffet where you can choose whatever you want(of course I wanted to try a bit from everything, until my plate was full already so this is not even all). Also, did I mention my obsession for Sparkling Ice? That stuff is just too good! I wish we had it here in Germany. I explored it when I was in New York in February. Germany only offers either pure water or drinks with loads of added sugar which I don't drink as I already have enough sugar through sweets. 
We also went into Urban Outfitters where I came across the best smelling candle ever!! I spent ages just to smell that Soy Wax Mermaid Lagoon Candle which reminded me of Cherry Bakewell Tarts and then I nearly forgot my glasses on the table as I was so excited about it haha. I might buy it when I'm in Berlin next time!

Then once it got completely dark outside we followed our cravings and went out just in pyjamas, glasses, slippers and our Twenty One Pilot beanies which we bought accidentally together. Was so much fun!!

was a bit spontaneous and messy but it gladly worked out quite well then. Emily was at work and I just picked up a parcel from the post office, what is basically my second job as I already do that at home all the time haha. Then went to Live True London in Vauxhall again where I had my first hair dresser experience in February this year before New York after years of fearing hairdressers overall. Paco was so spontaneous whereto I love to give a huge thanks to him again! I wrote down my experiences along with my routine in this post from a couple days ago.

I went out there super happy but hungry so just grabbed late lunch in a store to chill and enjoy it along with the good weather and my fresh new hair on the grass in the middle of a local park. I really appreciate these moments that’s why I want to mention it as well. It personally gives me a feeling of rest and freedom. You are free to do whatever you want and what you seek for. My independent and confident soul loves and needed that and you should give yourself a break here and there too! 
In the evening I met up with Emily again and we went to another internet friend of mine who’s living in such a breathtaking tower house near Canada Water with a view you can just dream about. Both, meeting my friend in person, talking, drinking and having a good time and also watching the London skyline just made this trip to a really fulfilling experience. We even spotted the Mars in the sky up there YES! can you believe it?! You can actually see it with your naked eyes! 

On the last day
speaking about Saturday I had to go back home again. Luckily Emily didn’t have to work on that day like she used to throughout my last visits so we had coffee at The Coffee Works Project near Battersea Station before I left as it’s one of the best coffees in town so far! Really recommendable. Choose oat milk for your coffee it’s heavenly! By the way, you can watch a vlog Emily babe made and shared on her YouTube here in case you want to see more of our adventures.

Now I’m sitting on the coach again writing as mentioned in the beginning already. And now a couple hours later I’m on the plane with another delay of about over an hour. I can’t wait to be back in my flat again, at the same time don’t want to go back at all. Sometimes it’s better to leave things behind. 

With every journey I feel that I come closer. Step by step. I just need a little more patience. And strangely I feel very calm about that at the moment as I simply know that nothing can stop me right now. If you believe in something than you can do it. If it's not working out then it has a reason as everything has pros and contras. I can still travel around and visit London at any time. It's exciting to realize how the paths in life change so easily. From one day to the next. But all what matters is the feeling I have inside of me. And London is simply my second home. Maybe even my first one 🖤


  1. Wonderful post..I have read everything and its nice that you're having a good time being with friends and what you do that inspires you and of course home. Keep writing and sharing dear!

    1. Thank you so much Mason I truly appreciate your comment and choice of words <3 Much love to you x

  2. That's a lovely blog... But can I ask for help? What if I don't know where my heart is?

    1. You will find it one day. If you don't know where it is yet than it is waiting for you somewhere and you just need a bit patience and time. Finding it is one purpose in life x

  3. Such a nice blog!

  4. Hello from a human being. Just wanted to let you know it's not only bots who visit your blog :D Enjoy your holiday!

  5. wow, your casual suit looks good

  6. Its really different when you're home. Feels complete!

  7. Nothing beats when you are home. Great shots, I like the photos.

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