Live True London - How I Lost My Fear For Hairdressers

Today I’d like to introduce you to Live True London which is an in London based hair dresser salon. I already talked a bit about it here and here plus shares videos of my hair after my first appointment in February before I went to the NYFW. They have a couple of salons located all over London whereto I went to the one in Vauxhall both times. Going there took me loads of courage as I’m kinda afraid of hairdressers like other people feel about doctors or dentists. They always used to cut my hair too short and I just feel weird looking into the mirror as a completely different person. It's crazy what your hair can change about your whole appearance and that scares me kind of. Luckily my babe Emily arranged an appointment for me with her hairdresser Paco Latorre. I was really impressed of her hair already so I told myself I should give it a try. My hair was so bad and damaged at that time that I just thought it can’t get any worse. 

What I love about Live True is not only the way they work but the interior design and care overall. You get welcomed like a queen inside with a cup of coffee or tea and lovely staff. The interior is very fancy and cozy at the same time. Wooden tables, comfy seats and huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Throughout the treatment steps I got free head and scalp massages. I literally slept in from calmness! Head and scalp massages are actually so good and important not only for your mind as it decreases stress but also for your hair as it promotes hair growth. 

Below are a few impressions of my first stay in February from this blog post:

Paco Latorre who is the one I work with is actually an artist for Redken. Both times my hair got bleached with Olaplex first, followed by a chemistry system treatment from Redken, then washed with Blondage from Redken as well finished by a EQ Gloss silver toner along with Olaplex. Cut and blow dry - Et voilà! 

The first time only I even got a few additional tape in extensions too to make my hair looking fuller. I don't wanted them this time tho, not that it was bad but I’m more of a natural type plus have quite thick hair already. 

The second time which you can see below I went for lighter, more whiter color for summer! By the way, did you notice how quickly my hair is growing? I'm so impressed!

Now after my appointment I’m usually using the Coconut Power Strong and Long Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner by Pacifica Beauty along with the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo which I like to use at the moment as it’s strongly pigmented and very gentle to your hair(others dry out your hair). I treat my hair with the Pacifica Banana Love Deep Moisture Hair Mask weekly and use Argan Oil daily, either from Moroccan Oil or the brand Natural World as this one is a bit cheaper but still great.

Now a little FAQ for you answering your questions from Instagram:

What's your natural hair color?


When did you dye it the first time? Since when do you have white/silver hair?

I started to dye my hair very early already. Probably when I was 13 years old. I bleached my hair the first time at the age of 15/16. Since then I went lighter over the time and had it blue, purple or pastel in between.

How do you keep your hair so bright?

Silver shampoo is actually the key as well as a good toner. I'm using Maria Nila(Pearl Silver or Black mixed with loads of conditioner) or Lunar Tides(White Toner or Silver Lining) to keep up the freshness. You can't get rid off the yellowness completely just by bleaching it that's why you need to dye it.

Did you want to have a special hair color when you was a kid?

Oh that's a pretty good question. I remember that I always told myself to try out as much different hair colors as possible since you only live once. Especially when it comes to colorful hair. But I always envied girls with white hair, so I fulfilled my wish and it's simply me, the White Witch. 

How many/what kind of different hair colors did you have already?

Back then I had brown hair, dark brown nearly black once, then red, orange, yellow, pastel-pink and lavender, white, purple, turquoise, light blue and silver.

Are all of your hair care products vegan/cruelty-free?

90% of my products are vegan and cruelty-free yes. However I still use silver shampoo whereto I have heard from people that there's a company behind it which tests on animals. I haven't found a good silver shampoo alternative yet. I can recommend you the silver shampoo by Maria Nila which is vegan but I don't find it helpful for me tho. So you have to balance your decision.

Is your hair dresser using vegan/cruelty-free products?

As far as I know it's not but it is actually so hard to find good hairdressers and I'm happy that I was able to put trust into someone first anyway. In future I hope that I either find a good alternative or, even better, Live True or Redken can work on this as veganism is more than just a trend and I can already see a huge progress in society.

On a scale from 1 to 10 how much keeping them bleached and coloured like you does ruin them? 

At the hairdresser(including Olaplex treatment): 2
On my own at home(without Olaplex): 7-8

Do you have a favorite hair mask?

Right now I'm using the Banana Love Deep Intense Moisture Mask by Pacifica Beauty which I really love! Otherwise I can recommend raw coconut oil masks.

how do u prevent major damage while dying your hair?

Well Olaplex has definitely saved my hair I guess. I've heard so many positive things of it before but you can actually really believe it once you've experienced it on your own. Also coconut oil helps just put it on your hair for an our or a half before you bleach it in case you do it on your own at home! 

What is the most magickal/witchy hair colour or style you’ve ever had?

The way how it is now as I'm a White Witch so this actually reflects my inside 

I hope you have enjoyed reading through my post and maybe it gives you courage to go to the hair dresser again too as I know that it can be quite difficult for some people. But once you have a hair dresser which you can trust you don’t want to go anywhere else nor live without him! I haven’t bleached my hair on my own since then like I used to as I don’t want to fuck up the healthy condition now. Olaplex is also such a must and I can’t go without it anymore! 



  1. That's great! I wish I could do the same!

  2. This colour looks so amazing on you my dear! And you're so right, the interior looks amazing, I think its so important for hairdressers to have nice work space and atmosphere as you said, they can be quite scary!
    I love the gifs, they add so much to the post! Thank you for sharing darling, silver hair is such a your colour! <3
    Kinga xxx

    1. Thank you my darling! It's just the casual grey/white I have since forever but it just looks and feels so fresh :) You are so true about the interior. It can make a huge difference, as well as the customer service, the music, which was super nice and comforting as well! I hope the gifs are visible as sometimes they're not opening on other devices I think. I love your feedback so much love thank you for always reading my posts. ILY <3