Witch Casket - June's Golden Unboxing

Hey my Witch Dolls!

Today I thought to unbox my latest Witch Casket June Box together with you. This time it's all about "Intent and Belief". Just a little reminder that you can subscribe here to join our coven and to save £1 each month!

Now let's start to unveil the magick with you, which all comes in a pretty gold this time. Allover it pretty much reminds me of The Lord of the Rings, which gives me a heart-warming feeling

First item is a breathtaking art print by the talented Tea Cake Art. Just look at the soft face under the black veil. How freaking gorgeous is this?! Probably my new fav art print of her's!

Along with another art print by Ilinca Mitchell

Then we have a golden bag of Jasmine Blossom Loose Leaf Tea and another golden bag with Rose Petals which you can use for your altar, rituals, your bath etc.

In every single box you receive a different stone each month. This time it's an Sardonyx. New kind to me so very interesting and perfect for my collection! You also mostly receive candles in different colors depending on the theme which you can use for rituals and spells as well.

A little Satin Pouch with Manifestation Cards inside. Never heard of it before but very useful and perfectly for the June's box theme.

Below a necklace with a pentacle. Can be worn by both, witches and wizards!

Another gorgeous thing which has been in every box so far are the incense sticks or sometimes scones. These here this time smell so enchanting again! The smell reminds me of my holidays back then with my family every winter time in Tunisia. I bought two different kinds of incense sticks there and one of them smells like these Wizard's Spell incense sticks.

Two of my favorite items this time - The 'So Mote It Be' Altar Bowl and this enamel pin! I have loads of pins from the boxes already but this one here is one of my favorites. The Bowl is just awesome to store things. Honestly in the first moment I thought it's a cereal bowl and got super excited as I love breakfast haha.
These both are also exklusive items which are specifically made for the Witch Casket boxes only. 

In every box is also always a parchment scroll with important information. I just love these so much as they remind me of Harry Potter hehe. 

I hope you have enjoyed this unboxing with me as I haven't made these in forever! I can't make these every month but you still can follow my unboxing on my Instagram. Best would be if you simply become part of our coven to share your love with me. You can subscribe easily here.

Whats your favorite item this time? 
Mine's are the bowl, the enamel pin and the Tea Cake Art Print! 💜

Much love and Magick to you my coven 🔮


  1. I love the necklace with the pentacle...because I want to be a wizard!

  2. Those nails are to die for..sorry I cannot help but mention it. So lovely!

    1. Awww that's really sweet thanks for mentioning it! <33

  3. Interesting!..I'm kinda curious about this casket.

    1. You should really get one as well it fills you with so much magic each month! x

  4. Hello from a human being. Just wanted to let you know it's not only bots who visit your blog :D Enjoy your holiday!


  5. I didn't know there is a store online where you can buy these.

  6. One of my dream is to become a wizard! lol