How To Be A Real Unicorn


Unicorn Brew Phone Case and Witch Cauldron Mug - The Rogue and The Wolf

This month, speaking of August I got my eighth Goddess Provisions Box. Yes you hear right, my eighth one, can you believe it? It's been nearly a year already since I receive them. 
This one is obviously something very magical and dreamy as you can tell from the pictures. I have to admit that this unicorn trend lately is really overdone to me, I mean, we even got pink ketchup with glitter in stores like, for real? Even freakier for a ketchup addict like me. But this unicorn themed monthly box changed my mind completely and is the cherry on top of everything, no matter if you go crazy over this trend or not. I have created something amazing with one of the included things, the Sprinkle Medley by Sweetapolita. Rosie the the baker mama and owner who's based in Canada creates different kind of sprinkles and sells them in her web shop. You can choose between different colors, shapes and designs with a choice of vegan versions. In the box we got the Seashore Twinkle Sprinkle Medley including edible gold stars, jimmies, nonpareils and so much more, everything in my favorite colors purple and blue! Such a perfect combination which I just had to throw on my weekend morning oatmeal. 


Oat Milk
Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder from Foodspring
Mint Dark Chocolate(from Aldi)
Sweetapolita's Seashore Twinkle Sprinkle Medley

I have simply cooked my oats in oat milk and added raisins and a scoop of my vegan vanilla protein powder from Foodspring. Then topped with a piece of mint flavored dark chocolate, melted into a chocolate lake in the hot oats! Topped with banana coins, blueberries to match the color and then decorated with the sprinkle mix. My food hasn't been that good looking before ever. When you stir it everything turns completely blue, it tastes amazing and adds a little crunch to your food! Of course you can totally play around with the ingredients. I chose blueberries because of the color and the chocolate because it goes awesome with blueberries and vanilla.

I'm seriously in love with these sprinkles and also the other items which I got into my Goddess Provisions August box. You maybe have seen my unpacking video on Instagram stories a couple days ago which I do every month. 

You can subscribe to your own Goddess Provisions box directly here
There are still some unicorn boxes left so grab them before they're gone to get the magic for your own soul!


  1. Interesting post :) these sprinkles are really super cute! And I love the pictures, how good quality they are. Hope you're doing okay ❤
    Lots of love xx

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm happy you notice and enjoy the quality of the photos too as I put a lot of importance into that :) Lots of love back x

  2. Yay for vegan unicorn sprinkles! Love the phone case!

  3. I love oatmeal breakfasts. Didnt know you could put sprinkles on it. I love sprinkles and will be trying that.

    1. You can put everything in and on it. That's why I love oatmeal so much cause you can be so creative whether it comes to flavour, color or texture :) Try chocolate bars, cookies, candy, nuts, fruit, nut butters etc. and you turn it into an adventure!

  4. It looks awesome ��.��