Alien In The Universe - What I See Behind Makeup

Hair Dye - Lunar Tides in Silver Lining
Lipstick - Lime Crime Velvetines in "Red Velvet"
Alien Ankh Shirt - Cryptic Apparel

People who turn themselves into art pieces with the help of makeup is something that I really enjoy looking at, something I truly admire as you need skills and talent. Makeup is a very own kind of art itself. While drawing on your skin it's the same feeling you get with a canvas and a brush in your hand just that we don't have a white and clean canvas. It's like a landscape with hills and a natural, uneven ground. You have to know and understand the wall you put the magic on. You need patience, a quiet hand and an idea to convey what you want to exhibit. Additional you need the right tools, like good brushes and paint, similar with makeup. Lately I have been much more into makeup as I discovered my own view on this behind it and got deeper into this topic and form of art. You have probably seen it on my Insta Stories already. Of course I have my basic daily makeup routine, went for red or black lipstick here and there already but I'm talking about colorful or artsy ideas. One makeup brand which I will mention in my next looks gave me a push to try out some new things. My skills are basic and I'm not a professional at all, not even trying to become one. I just want to play around more with it. When I was younger I can clearly remember the times when I tried out blue or purple eyeshadow. I immediately knew this is just not me. My face and inside is too natural to go for it. I thought, still think that way, but I discovered another side of me who can pull off colorful makeup as well. A push of confidence and courage mixed with my own requirements and the desire for more. Small steps, careful, but everything starts with a thought and here we go.

The Alien In The Universe 


  1. I love the starry look of your makeup!

  2. I love this makeup, it's gorgeous! And your way of writing is beautiful, I love how you compared our skin to a canvas :) I'm very excited to see other atsy makeups from you and read similar posts ^^ I hope you've had a good day ❤
    Lots of love xx