Malice Choker - Disturbia
Nothing Shirt - Disturbia
 LSD Tee - Disturbia
Kiss My Ass Acid Wash Shorts - Disturbia
Tractor Boots - T.U.K via Kate’s Clothing

As mentioned in this post already, my super lovely friend Kinga visited me one weekend and we were shooting our outfits. A day before I got a HUGE package from the brand Disturbia. I have styled one of their shirt dresses in this look last year. In this look I am wearing a couple pieces from their new collection. The LSD Tee under the Nothing Shirt which you can wear in a lot different ways - unbuttoned as a cardigan, under a normal shirt so you have a nice collar and distressed bottom underneath, as oversized plaid blouse or closed blouse too. The options are endless! And the NOTHING print on the back is a mix of games and Japan to me. Simply perfect! I combined both of these with one of their probably most famous items, the Kiss My Ass Acid Wash Shorts. I had my eyes on these since forever already and I’m so happy to introduce them to my small butt haha. As final eye catcher I’m wearing the Malice Choker. Made of vegan leather and it's so high in quality. I was very careful and wasn’t sure if it will fit to my small head since such bulky accessories around the neck can make it looking really strange. But I’m so happy deciding to give it a try. It is definitely one of my favorite chokers now! If you really want to have quality and an amazing design, go for these! You won’t get any better chokers anywhere else, I’m serious. I also went for red make up on that day. Kinga and I got a bit creative in the morning when we got ready and she said I can use her make up stuff :') Since I love red eye shadow I gave it a try again 

I hope you didn't got overwhelmed of that massive picture bomb but I just had so much fun on that day and I couldn't resist to share it with you!! The other pieces from Disturbia will take a part of my future looks. There's also something really new and exciting coming to Disturbia this month which I'll announce soon so stay tuned :)


  1. Love the casual chic outfit. Love how it matches the background! <3

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback and good eye! <3

  2. These images turned out better then I've thought!!! :O I love the way you edited them, they all look so well together, thanks to the editing! You look stunning babe! <3 The red eyeshadow suits you so much!!! <3
    Kinga xx

    1. Thanks dear :) You are a great photographer!! ♥