Cross and Fade

Hat - H&M similar here and here
Lavender Dawn Hair - Uniwigs
Malice Choker - Disturbia
Top - VII & Co
Black Matte Nails - Rave Nailz

Well, I didn't know how to begin this post as lots of personal things are going on in my life right now which I kinda like to share in public with you, yet want to keep for myself, at least for a little longer. But what I can tell you already is that everything of that is super positive and I am really proud of myself for pushing myself and being so motivated, following new ways and letting things coming the way to me. I will definitely keep you updated of course and I hope my followers, readers and all the sweet people out there are fine as well 

Coming back to fashion I wanna tell you a bit more about these pictures. So let me just begin and introduce you to my ring obsession lately, you might have noticed that trend already before on Instagram and social media. Rings, no matter coming with a choker which was probably the start of it followed by belts like this one which is from VII & Co or on shirts like in the look above, cardigans or even hidden on tights like in this picture. This isn't the end of the creativity and a little spoiler to something new coming very soon from one of my new favorite brands Disturbia! In general I'm not a fan of trends at all and don't follow them that much, yet this one has really got me as it pimps up your clothing piece with another kind of material and shape. Ring Chokers have always been my obsession so how could I say no to more of them? :)

What do you think about this trend? And do you own something adorned with rings already as well?


  1. I am so happy to hear your happy! I haven't heard from you in a while and was beginning to worry but hearing you're happy and ok makes me happy (did that even make sense at all?) I love these photos/make up/ outfit!! <3 the purple hair, white background and black clothes and jewellery with the silver details look all perfect together!! <3
    Kinga xx

    1. Hey my dear ♥ So happy to read from you here again :3 I'm so sorry for being so inactive with personal messages these days. My week was so busy and I'm super tired right now it's crazy. Now I can feel it all at once!
      Thank you so much for the sweet words also. You are such a sweetheart and I miss you so much!! ♥ Hope you are doing great too and I wish you a wonderful weekend doll :*

  2. Oh gosh, it feels so good to read that! I'm glad that you're doing well and you're happy!💜
    And you're so beautiful, i love these pics :)
    I have no clothes with rings yet, but i guess i'll buy a choker with it :3 (but with only one in the center, i prefer that version on me)

    1. Thank you so much sweet babe!! I have to say it's an constant up and down in my life. Depression or spontaneous happenings can change everything from one moment to the next again, quicker than you can even think. But overall I'm quite good and I hope you can relate ♥
      Thank you so much also!! A choker would suit you so good :) Nothing can beat the quality of Disturbia's Chokers but I think Killstar has a version with one middle ring in range :3

    2. I knoe that feeling i've had my up and downs, too. I guess u've had some kind of depression but i've never told anyone just my boyfriens and my best friend. I don't know if i fought that, but now i'm in a good mood, i have goals, etc. The point is that i know it's hard and your feeling can change suddenly, but it's so good and hopeful that you have a good period in your life❤️
      Thank you, you're cute😊 i already have two, one with lace and one with two spikes and round rivets. And thank you for your suggestions also😘

    3. Gosh, i can't write😂
      *know, i've, boyfriend

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