Blue Roses Won't Wither

Skirt, Top, Shirt and Bomber Jacket - Morph8ne's Blue Funeral Collection
 Platform Boots - VII & Co

All those guys coming down with a big bunch of red roses. It's not that it feels wrong apart from not being a fan of that typical way to show someone their love, yet there's no connection to my heart and my own soul. So common, but this can change with an easy difference.

Blue Roses. Hearing about that immediately reminds me back to the day last December right after Christmas when I passed through Prague with friends and my ex-boyfriend. There was this small corner flower store up the street and what caught my short-sighted eyes straight away was the bundle of blue roses which I felt in love with. Their color isn't naturally, either colored or cultured genetically engineered with help of pansies and their blue pigments. All the failed tries to grow them naturally make them to something impossible and out of reach with a mystical touch, like myself. 
Giving love to someone is hard to me, not because I can't feel it but I have a different sense of it due my past, the happenings and shit I had to go through. Being self-confident and strong can cause a lack of emotion, the wall you have built up over the time can make you very solid and cold. Cold as the color of blue roses, as cold as my hands and skin.
Gift them to me and I know you understand and appreciate the way my heart is beating. I never mean to hurt you but this is just the way my life has shaped me.
Kind of sad knowing so much people today live their life that way. It makes it so hard to connect to people. Always in anxiety getting hurt or hurting other beings. Relationships break, or don't even happen at all. 
Maybe love and feelings are a complete illusion? 
Who knows. I think this topic is much deeper than we think. I simply love to spend my time thinking and writing about it.

Coming to the two looks I have to say that it's probably one of my favorite shootings this year so far. Not sure if it's because of the lit collection of Morph8ne I was waiting for so long, the fact that I had so much fun with Chris my photographer and friend or the location in combination with the strong breeze on that day that brings so much motion into the pictures. I usually don't like to shoot in the sunlight but here my camera did such an amazing job and showed me it's totally possible to get some rad shit together. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Huge thanks for Morph8ne for always bringing me on board and being a special part of their amazing and unique collections 


  1. You're still so beautiful and i still love your clothes 😍
    I also love this post because as much as i love red roses, blue roses are something so special and rare and their mistery makes them more interesting and amazing - and also my love for the color blue.
    This description gives me a kind of mystical feeling about your character and i like it, it makes me want to know you better and hear more about you and your deeper thoughts.
    I think the questiom about love and feeling being an illusion is interesting and i definetely see your point, they're something mystical, too. I'm thinking about this topic a lot, and i'd happily read your opinion about it. Love and feelings are something that people always try to understand and they're trying to define them but i guess it's impossible, they're something that we'll learn through all our lives and we'll never be able to truly understand them. But they're definetely worth to wander about.
    Hope you're all right, have a wonderful dayπŸ’•

    1. 'Still'? I mean, I don't change myself that is why I'm wondering :D But thank you angel!! I'm always so happy to read your comments on here and appreciate that you take your time looking through my work and leaving feedback so I can actually feel that I can affect people in a positive way :)
      I love that you love blue too πŸ’™πŸ’™
      Well yes my character is really deep and mystical I can agree with that. I would love to be more open on here..write much more..cause I actually don't publish everything I'm writing down or share the thoughts in m head. because they are super valuable to me. Yet people like you show me that it's worth it and that some can understand it even if it's kind of deep and difficult sometimes.
      Since I am feeling a lot of love these days I can collect new experiences, ways and feelings..which I will absorb and put into content and knowledge to share it with people in hope to help and to open eyes :)
      Thank you once again for your kind and sweet comment!! Much love to you and have a wonderful day as well πŸ’™πŸ’™

    2. Well, still, because i can't get bored with your style, your beautiful pictures and your beautiful soul! πŸ’™ i didn't mean that you've changed.
      And i'm glad that my comments make you happy, i swear i won't stop writing them to you! :)
      I understand that you don't share all your thoughts, many times i like to keep mine to myself, too. It's hard to talk about our deeper topics.
      I can't wait to read your next post in any topic! Love you, tooπŸ’™

  2. Oh my gosh these photos are incredible hun!! Photography of the outfits of the roof are just the best aren't they? There's a sense of freedom to them, at least that's what I sense from these images. You seem so free in them! You look so good in black and blue as well, this collection from Morph8ne is so beautiful!! <3
    Kinga xx

    1. Thank you so much my dear! I know I just love roofs because you have so much free space and no one(I think/hope so) can stalk you :D oh and true that. Freedom. I didn't thought about that yet. But I felt very free that is true. Maybe because Libra is an Air sign. But pure freedom is when I run through a forest I guess ♥
      Thanks once again babe! Miss you ♥

  3. Beautiful style,beautiful color combination,beautiful pictures!

  4. Pictures are so beautiful looking so cool in it
    Regards .

  5. You look amazing rocking that Morph8ne Blue Funeral collection OOTD! I love the entire outfit. My fave outfit piece is probably the embroidered Morph8ne Blue Funeral Graveyard Mini-Skirt.
    What you wrote about self-confidence, strength, emotion, feelings, love is very deep, poetic, and intriguing.

  6. As you can see, I'm binge reading ur blog ~ i just thought I needed to comment on this post as well. The whole matter with lack of emotions and blue roses - I loved that. The way you're comparing and using metaphor to describe something so delicate is giving me professional writer vibes..I also struggle to love. I try my hardest to feel something towards these who feel something towards me, but it just doesn't happen. What you've written in this post,my friend - deserves to be hanged on a wall.

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