January Surprises

Hey folks! 

I just came back home from a day in Berlin and my second January Surprise Box was waiting for me at the post office. I have reviewed the first December Box already which you can check in this post in case you haven't seen it yet. I'm really excited about this one again and can't wait to have a look in it together with you!

Just to mention it shortly again - Goddess Provisions offers a surprise box each month full with spiritual, natural and vegan goodies and tools for your inner balance and flow of vibes. You can also go for a Crystal Box in case you want to expand your collection and to treat your inner witch. You can subscribe for your personal box here.

The Crystal Pendulum already found a place in my heart. I have a strong connection to purple and green and this amethyst with the little garnet attached is simply made for me. You can follow this link for a little pendulum guide.

Above the bath salt which I have tried out already. It's a mix of rich herbals and different sea salts. Totally loving the purity of it ♥

You always receive a vegan treat for your tummy! Cherry and dark chocolate is such a nice combo. Perfectly to cheer up my broken heart lately.

These buttons are so gorgeous, as well the patch. My favorite are definitely the two buttons. "Fuck Your Fears" a reminder to me everyday, "Fuck The Shoulds. Do The Wants." no words needed, it is how it is and simply the truth.

I will keep it a bit shorter this time so you can make yourself a surprise without not knowing everything before already :) Again you can subscribe to your own box at Goddess Provisions. Also check out their Instagram to keep yourself updated and to see daily inspiration in your feed ♥


  1. Hello. Idrk what I could comment, but I still would like to say something... Just: Indeed, 'Fuck Your Fears'. You're very strong and You can go through any Negative/Bad thing/day. And I hope you can believe this and will never forget it{!}. You're Wonderful and try to Ignore the Bad people (who are not in the minority - unfortunately) who try to hurt you, You do not deserve any Negativity. I hope You're doing very good and that you're just living your life calmly. But if there's anything wrong: A lot of living beings care about you and I also care about you and I'm here to help etc.

    1. Heyy ♥ I'm always so happy to see your comments dear! I really try ma hardest lately even if it's not easy, especially throughout these cold winter days. Honestly the "bad people" are the smallest problem since I give a single fuck, the real thing are the own expectations and the need to fulfill dreams and goals, afraid to lose energy to follow the path further. I think you know what I mean. Thank you for your lovely comment and your positive vibes. I think a lot about you and hope you are doing well angel ♥

    2. Ah, yeah... I understand what you mean. But I believe in you and I hope that you are also able to believe in yourself. You will be able to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams, but don't be upset when it doesn't happen as quick as you want it (but I can relate). You have enough time and when you're calm, it's easier to actually work on getting those goals done. So, keep that in mind and most of the time things don't work out for the first time (and I guess you know that, but don't forget it), and that's no problem at all. You'll always be Amazing and you don't deserve the stress etc... just treat yourself nicely and things will be all right - It's hard, I know, but You can do it{!}. - and no need to thank me ~ ah, Thank You <3

  2. I love everything inside the box! The bath salts look so soothing : ) I definitely would love to subscribe.