A Box For Goddesses Full Of Love And Life

Guys I don't even know where to start because this post is really exciting to me. Right after Christmas my post woman gifted me a cute purple box right to my door. When I fall in love with the packaging already it is always a very good sign. I opened the box with a warm heart and the strong vibes reached me immediately. Let me introduce you the brand Goddess Provisions at first before I show you the goodies which came in the box. The guys had the wonderful idea to bring their own interests and love to the audience and to share the vibes with you monthly. The Sacred Celebration Box which I got includes a selective of all natural and vegan products, from food to essential oils or other goodies for your practises. You can also go for a Crystal Box which is perfect for upgrading your crystal collection.

Now to the goodies:

The Plant Life Uplift Blend 

This oil is made of bergamot, lemongrass and citrus essential oils and smells heavenly. It can be used in an aromatherapy diffuser, oil burner, during a massage or to scent your DIY skincare creations.

The Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant

Just look at the cute packaging! A cat and my spirit animal snake who lifts a bumb bell I mean how cute it that? x) This is a plant based deodorant stick. The tube is compostable what is just so important to me cause it's not only about the product itself. It’s packed with powerful plant-based ingredients and essential oils to help keep you smelling fresh.

Addictive Wellness Raw Chocolate Love 

God this chocolate is pure heaven! I thought it comes in a bar but after opening there were four little cute cup shaped treats in it. And the smell, damn! Literally too good to put it into your mouth :D There's so much good stuff in it - a powerful aphrodisiac lineup of mesquite, lucuma, maca, cistanche, mucuna, he shou wu, and reishi mushrooms. Mushrooms? Hell yes :D There are lots of different tastes and that makes it very interesting. I didn't like the aftertaste, I think it is from the natural Birch Xylitol but in general it's amazing and chocolate always makes me happy!


A little heart shaped nutrition bar and treat. Gluten and soy free, completely raw and vegan made with wholesome ingredients. Cranberry and Pecan ugh, love both of these things. Haven't tried it yet but will soon! Eat your heart out! ♥

Momoko Therapeutics Seductive Cacao + Mint Roller Ball
Okey this is definitely one of my favorite things from the box. I can't get over the smell of this roller. At first I didn't know what it is exactly, like an oil to put in food or in candles. Then after opening I saw the little roller and put a bit on the back of my hand. I started to take big breathes because I couldn't believe the intense and natural smell of it, like how is it possible to create this scent in such a natural way? I nearly started to cry. No joke. It is so calming and makes me happy whenever I'm outside and feel stress or anxiety. The smell lasts for hours too. This is pure gold to me.

A Green Aventurine Pyramid
A pyramid shaped crystal which helps to supercharge the heart chakra so you can radiate compassion and kindness. I have placed it on my Crystal Grid. It says it turns up the sacred love vibes even higher. Perfect gift for my crystal collection.

The 7 Directions Crystal Grid 
This came really in time since I changed the place of my computer to another desk. Now I have a little white table free. I wanted to make it to my witchy altar. This grid fits just so perfectly on it! It activates and enhances the energy of your crystals by placing them on it. It features the Flower of Life.

So now all in over I'm so so impressed of each thing. I felt like a little kid opening the box and each piece is such an exploration and adventure itself. I would totally get myself the next boxes cause you never know what's inside and it feels like it really can't disappoint you! You will absolutely fall in love with it when you are into spiritual, witchy stuff like crystals and oils while putting importance into high quality, smells that make you feeling from outer space and food that turns your taste buds into colorful rainbows. I hope I put enough excitement and love into my words because I really mean it. My biggest recommendation for 2017!! ♥ Get your first Goddess Box for the new year here!