Tibbs and Bones!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Tibbs and Bones! Received this perfect arranged package with a variety of colorful chokers, a badass sticker for badass girls and a Squirtle necklace for the Pokemon Master Girl over here! I love to wear things which show my personality and interestings, and this necklace is the perfect gem around my neck.

Tibbs and Bones is one of these shops which are already able to blow my mind with the eye-catching design and appearance. Created by the in Melbourne based couple Maddy & Jade, and if that isn't already cute enough, their store is named after their two cats! ♥

I can really recommend you their shop, you can find cute chokers like these in loads of different varieties, colors and attached pendants, next to stylish printed tees, crazy caps, rings and glasses and much more! Perfect pieces to give the basic, beloved 'all black everything' look a last special touch! Don't hesitate and have a look at it, you'll love it!

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  1. that squirtle pendant is too cute! <3