Walking on Heaven

Hair, cotton candy blue, shoes take me off from the ground, like a floating cloud that is ready to fly while secretly dreaming of its beast. 
She's walking on heaven, a different plane, different from reality, far away from humans cruelty and pain.

 Why to leave if you can build an own perfect world around you? A world just for you that no one else can see, surrounded by magical, unreal things, this is what happened with me, where I actually live. Torn somewhere between my own castle and the ground, hellish world, lost between spaces, where I really belong in? I lift off and don't know how to come back. No one can save me, no one is able to know it unless myself, and I need time to find it out. Still here to find it out.



Lapis Lazuli Tibetan Ring - Ohm Boho
The ''Rune'' Midi Ring - The Rogue and The Wolf




Photographer - Nhi from Narcoticarts

Disney's The Beauty and the Beast Dress - Ebay
Americana Moto Jacket - UNIF
Chunky Vintage Sleeveless Cardigan - Second Hand
Pouch Bag - Second Hand
Platform Buckle Boots - Ebay


  1. This dress is my new favorite thing ever and those shoes are to die for. <3

  2. ..may I ask how tall you are? :)