Ohm Boho Jewelry

Big rings with powerful gemstones, steel silver necklaces in earthy tones or with warm, lava-like colored details, symbolizing Buddha and Ganesha pendants, solid arm cuffs with effortful inscriptions and details, all in one - an image of a wonderful bohemian/indie style look!
and where is the perfect place to find all these things? Exactly!

I've got these beautiful pieces from Ohm Boho! Especially the ''Dark Gold Sand Healing Ring'' on the right in the picture above is to dream for, I just couldn't stop to look at it after I had put it on. It felt like I sink into the deepest depths of the galaxy, so black but with little sparkly stars in it, absolutely perfect for me as I am really obsessed with the space and everything around this topic. So much profound unanswerable questions, unexplainable proceedings. A big sign of interrogation in the human world.

One thing that has also mesmerized me about Ohm Boho is the story behind it. It's completely about what I've dreamed of since my childhood. To travel and to explore, to backpack the world and to carry experiences and little gifts from every place back with me at home.

Vintage Leatherjacket - Second Hand
Lace Bralette - Tally Wejl
Jeans - Monki
Jewelry from Ohm Boho
'The Worshipper' Midi Ring from TheRogueandTheWolf

You can find OhmBoho's online shop here, let yourself enchant!

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