My Instagram Hacker Experience And How It Has Changed Me In Many Ways

7th to 8th September, the night from Friday to Saturday at 5 am. Slept like a stone somewhere caught in my crazy dreams. But then some strange noises started to irritate my mind and woke me up quickly. It didn’t take long to notice that something is not right so I grabbed my phone to see a bunch of messages from Instagram in my mails. I was half asleep and tried to reset something, took screenshots but then lost access to my mail account as well. 

It’s not necessary to mention that this happening leaves me in a shock and I still need to recover from it both mentally and physically. But can you believe that I'm actually super thankful and happy about it? Keep reading if you wanna know why :) 

I’m sharing this post not only for my own record but to show and protect you from what can actually happen as I don’t want this to happen to anyone of you. I know many are not capable to think in both ways since it is a skill you can usually only learn within time and experiences. 

Sleepless nights, headache, loss of appetite, tired eyes, a dizzy mind and most importantly a vanished trust level. All that caused by one single person who's only thirsty for money and advertisement. But I'm quite used to these feelings so now thinking about it it's definitely better than feeling anything at all right? Exactly, it gave me feelings after being stuck for so long and I feel both, so death but also alive and refreshed now.

Instagram is more than just a platform to me. I have shared lots of my life there throughout several years. Back then even more personal stuff. I never thought it'll become to my business. I decided to make this passion to a part of my job additionally so I not only lost my privacy and passion but my job including all my beloved connections and friends. I know that many are/were thinking "Dude it's not your life/future, get a real life." but this is the point where I can agree but also clearly disagree. Yes you are right to one point that break helped me to ground myself more, doing things I didn't take my time for before(will come back on that later in detail) but you can't comprehend how it feels like to lose a passion and something you've built up completely on your own whereto you put so much time and feelings into. I'm not saying it's less bad if you are losing your 2k account no matter what you post or what you use it for, but if you're not using it for business purposes or to use it as portfolio for future jobs then it's definitely a difference. Being aware that a stranger got access to all your pictures, friends and connections, personal data, without knowing what is happening with it. Note it's not deleted it's simply still there. Strange feeling, right? And now imagine you have nearly a half a million people behind you. Isn't that scary? No matter if you can comprehend(what lots of people can't but that's okay) this definitely can't leave you cold. And I'm a person who fights and doesn't gives up but goes with the flow of ups and downs, which I had strongly. It was a pure roller coaster ride. And here now I share how it looked like, how you can avoid to become a victim too and lastly a list of positive and negative aspects of it. It'll become a long post so thanks already if you take your time and interest to read it.

I came across many blog posts and videos about this hacker problem at the moment before which have helped me to stay calm and gave me a feeling of not being alone with that. So first of all. STAY CALM YOU'RE NOT ALONE 💜

So usually the hacker changes all your personal data including email and phone number. He might also hack your email account like in my case, which I was really mad about but now it feels good to be on a new platform and start fresh(come back on it later). The hacker changed my username(but back to my original one after a few days) as well deleted my bio and removed my profile pic. So the first thing I did overall was to call my sister as I cried like a river and didn't know what to do. Yes it was half past 5 at night but she was there for me and I'm truly thankful for it. If you have anyone around you speak or just call your best friend. You don't want to be alone in such a moment and it's important to have someone who calms you down a bit.

Firstly I filled out the Instagram help form. Here the instructions:

- Go to the Instagram app
- Click on "Get help signing in"
- You see two fields one for phone number one for username/email
- Go to the username tab, type in yours and then click on "Need more help?"
- Then there you have the form so fill it out 
- Use your former mail from your account and then a new safe contact mail(take care that you don't have an IG account connected with that one. Did a mistake and had my shop account which I totally forget about registered so this extended the process.)
- another helpful tip: I stated that my account is a company or brand account as I thought it's equal to a business profile, which is not! So best use the middle personal account option. I think that's the key point as they'll ask for a photo of you then(read later)
- tick my account was hacked
- explain your situation shortly
- request Support and WAIT

Yes I know it's hard(especially for people like me who are impatient as fu**). Usually you should receive an answer within 1-2 days. 

(covered the info because safety but just for you to see how it looks like)

Since my account got hacked on Saturday I had to wait until Monday to get an answer. So enjoy your weekend and try to stay calm as accounts usually get hacked on weekends since they know most companies don't work or work less.

I personally got in touch with a few bloggers who helped me getting through this. One babe gave me a specific IG email(which was my first hope as I got a reply on Monday and send them info etc. then told me I'll receive an activation link within 1-2 days, waited but nothing. Even after 4 replies they didn't answer anymore. Only after I waited for another week one day after I got my account back. Was a bit late but I thanked them anyway)

I also asked my followers on other social media channels to comment on my photo and tag Instagram. I'm not sure how this helps actually but it's definitely a good support factor! So thanks to everyone who has helped me out 💜

Since I didn't get anything back from my first form and the first option with the specific mail took several days of waiting away from me I decided to send out another form through the app. This time I got a reply, sent my info again whereto they'll ask for your phone number as well your previous mail and phone device you use or usually log in. Here was the problem from earlier, I had my old account registered so they got confused and couldn't help me, saying I already asked for help through another account. Secondly they didn't ask for a picture probably because I ticked company or brand account. The picture is important to get verified and makes it much easier. I deleted that shop account of mine and sent out new forms. Yes, I started to go crazy and probably sent out 5 or 7 within two days. Then after waiting one or two days(no idea which was the form who caught attention) I finally got another reply whereto I got asked to send them a photo holding up a white sheet of paper with the number security code from the mail written on it, as well my own name and my username underneath. Face and hands shown clearly. I followed the steps and my lovely colleague helped me to take a picture as I was at work. It's important to do this with good lighting, best natural daylight. I read that a few people had troubles and Instagram didn't accept the picture so I really wanted to get sure.

After work I went back home, sent the photo and jumped back into my video game which I came across throughout my social media detox. Then at 1 in the night deciding to go to bed I was looking on my phone and couldn't believe it. I didn't expect to get an answer so quickly and at this late time but they really replied and it got accepted. There was a link included whereto I had to use a new password as well change the email(you will be able to see the hacker mail there too). 

It still feels so unreal. This feeling when you have your account back in your hands seeing hundreds of messages in your mailbox from people asking if you're okay telling you that they're worried. I also quickly noticed that the post order in my feed was completely messed up(now I understand why lots of people simply miss my posts). Also my engagement and numbers dropped a lot, lost about 3k followers but right now I really don't mind as I'm just happy to be back!

Now let me list you the negative but also positive affects of this maybe not so traumatic experience, which I’m actually quite thankful for:

- A social media break can do wonders to you as you’ll notice that there’s more in life than just what you exhibit online

- I tidied and rearranged my flat, like did things in general I usually don't take my time for

- I've also explored back my love for video games! Did researches on my favorite topics for knowledge and wisdom, as well see everything with different eyes

- I realized that it’s not the platform and job I lost but my passion for photography, art and fashion. And anyone can take my passion away, as well not my privacy and pride

- The thing which I was the most afraid of was that the hacker will harm other people or makes use of my life and actual personality

- and the thing which gave me the worst feeling after all is not only the fact that I got hacked but the lack in support from IG or better said the uncertainty on what will happen and when actually. I would have liked to speak to an actual personal through a call or live chat because the replies you usually get back are only from bots

- You’ll appreciate security much much more than before 

- One thing which was definitely sure for me was that I won't stop trying to get my account back, as well that I'm not going to make a new one. So this made me realize how persistent and powerful I am

- Now I know better about my 'true' friends, made space for new souls in my life

- this phase showed me a good life/working balance means I'll try to spend less time online while actually really doing something productive in reality

- I feel more of my inner energy and characteristic, as well the fact that I rather give people than to take something. This can be positive and also bad as you maybe know. But I'm happy to have that attitude back

- regarding the mail point you have to start fresh with a clean inbox and there's no spam anymore! Like I subscribed to lot of crap and got annoying mails and never deleted any(what I'm doing now though so it won't happen again). Now I also think twice before I subscribe to something and also use different mails either for commercial or personal issues

To be on the safe side I like to give you a few tips who prevent you from this happening:

- if you didn't activate it yet already turn on the two factor authentication on Instagram, as well on all other platforms or on your mail account!! I did that right after I got my access back

- use a different contact mail in your bio than the one your account is registered under

Additional personal tip from own experience: 

Do NOT use Hotmail/Outlook because the security is rubbish(plus the hacker probably started from there as this not only happened to me but other bloggers using that mail service), not to mention their customer service which is a million times worse than anywhere else. I wasted at least a whole day with calls and chats, no matter if I ended up speaking to a real human or just waiting in the queue, no one could help out and I just got redirected to other teams whereto I got redirected again or got the same "advice" which wasn't even connected to my actual issue. I switched to a new service now and luckily was able to import most of my old mails.

DON'T GIVE UP on getting your account back in case this really happens. If you don't feel it deep inside yourself then it can't be that bad. But if you feel similar about your account then DO NOT STOP FIGHTING FOR IT! You need willpower and patience. I know lots of people simply make a new account and taking it how it is but no not with me! My friends told me to just make a new one but I strictly said I'm not going to make a new account. Apart from that my original one wouldn't vanish anyway.

Reach out to me if you are affected I can help and support you!!! And if you have any questions feel free to comment or ask. I'm here to help!!! I know how it feels like.

I know Instagram is huge. I know there are loads of inquiries everyday and they're busy. I have totally understanding for that especially since I'm working in a similar field and know how it is. BUT Instagram and Facebook, you have loads of money and you know how important security and customer service is. Offering a hotline and number to call for people, especially for brands and businesses would be really helpful. If you already ask us to pay money for advertisement and changing the algorithm to shit then please offer something in return.

Lastly I'd like to speak out a huge thanks to everyone who supported me and didn't stop to believe in my return. Also HUGE special thanks to my dear Emily who was there for me constantly. As well Wesley Szymlet, Skaiste, Solrayz, Altercore and Sandra because these people not only calmed me down again but gave me helpful tips. And of course also my sister and my other friends 💜

It was a roller coaster of feelings and I'm honest with you I had thoughts which I never expected to still slumber in my mind. But once you turn around the negativity, seeking out the positive sides of it everything will be fine! I'm absolutely thankful for this experience because this is not something you can buy or wish or just get because you want. This experience is coming to you and it's fate! It's a challenge and I'm so happy that I made it through it!! THANK YOU for the experience, the knowledge which is with me now, as well the crazy emotions and feelings I had to go through. What a blast! Well I had to cancel all my plans and events for London and Cologne, even took back half of my holidays off from work but who knows, maybe there was a deadly accident waiting for me around the corner and this simply wanted to prevent me from it to save my life.

Stay safe 



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    1. It really doesn't matter how big or small your account is, everyone can get affected it's so scary :( But I'm really happy that my tips are helpful to you! I hope you'll get your account back darling 💜

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