Oil Slick Sequin Goddess

Omen Sigil Fedora Hat - Killstar
Twenty One Pilots Beanie - Impericon
Oil Slick Glimmer Goddess Sequin Kimono - Club Exx via Dolls Kill
Black Matte Rings - The Rogue & The Wolf
Fucked Sleeveless Tee - House of Widow via Dolls Kill

For this look I played a bit around with the accessories, but overall the focus is on the grungy shirt in combination with the sequin cardigan which I had my eyes on since forever! I love this piece so much because it's such an eye catcher and shimmers in my favorite colors blue and purple. I wore it to the festival I went to before as well and got so many compliments on it once I threw it on(even if it was boiling hot but it was a firm part of my outfit haha) It just goes so well with a distressed band shirt. I picked a few ideas which you can shop above! 



  1. you look amazing. love the sequin cardigan! i need one for festivals.


    1. You're so lovely Emma! I'm sure one of these would look SO awesome on you dear 💜

  2. Yes, indeed, you are a goddess! Stay awesome.

  3. Wow cute outfit. I like the slick sequin style.

  4. You always have something to offer your readers. Beautiful outfit!

  5. There's a meaning in every outfit.

    Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6TeXO43Wio