Kawaii Till I Die

Lipstick - Lime Crime Velvetines in Teddy Bear
Heart Glasses & Tee - Unzzy
Labradorite Necklace - Solrayz
Checkered Life Crop Jacket - Goodbyebread
Silver Body - Tally Weijl

Hey beeps it's been a while ago again! 

Yes it's super annoying when you want to create content but your job is taking over and time seems to be getting less and less. But then you're having a day off and you just feel so kawaii that you have to escape into a new character. This shirt here got me as it is 100% me. As you can tell from my profile picture here already that pose is what you can always connect with me as I literally brought that into life. Some of you asked me why I'm doing that with my hands and I can give you a few simple answers - Firstly I took that with me out of my scene kid phase in my teenage years, secondly feel shy and like to hide my face and my nose, I love to show off my finger tattoos, rings and gems on my fingers and lastly because hands are so full of power and emotions to me that I simply want to have them with in my pictures that way! I have combined the tee with a silver body underneath as silver and soft pink go so well together. That checkerboard gives the pattern to it and the heart-shaped glasses are the funky highlight! In the very first pic I'm wearing a different one which I kinda like to that look too :3
Have you already spotted my new tattoo? You can see a better picture here. It's freshly tattooed so still in the healing process.

I hope you like this look as much as I do! 



  1. I love the new tattoo! What does it represent? :) I also like a lot your rings, I read the story about your protection ring (forgive me if you didn't call it like that, I just remember it was from Rogue&Wolf and you feel protected by it). Did you ever find the one you lost? Anyway I'm glad they sent you another.

    Have a fantastic evening and weekend, you pretty thing! I'm going to Paris on Friday so I'm happy, hope you also have interesting plans for the weekend :)

    1. Thank you! It's a snake woman actually :) Strongly connected with the nature, my spirit animal the snake and also a Libra sign on her forehead!
      Aww yes the ring I still didn't find my old one :( I have no idea where it is I think I really lost it. It's sweet of you that you remind me of it tho! <3

      Have a beautiful weekend as well sweetheart and enjoy Paris!!! I'll be there beginning next month as well :')

  2. i used to do that with my hands too when i was a child and i still sometimes do. not always intentionally. i don't even notice. but it calms me down i guess. I was also a shy kid at school, quiet. i think i was maybe ten years old and someone asked my one time in school "are you okay? why you are keeping your hands like that? you often keep them like that." i think that was the first time i realized that i was doing it and no one else was.
    Btw you look stunning! as always. Love the colours.

    1. Oh really that's such a cute story! I only do that on photos and sometimes when I start to blush or when someone starts to tease me :D You should keep doing it when it calms you down 💖

      Thank you and much love to you xx

  3. May I know where are u come from ?

  4. Your jacket is awesome <3 Perfect look babe <3

    La Robe Noire
    IG : @Saskiabzn
    Saskia! xo

  5. such a cute look! <3 love the checkered jacket. and i love your tattoos.

    Ami Amour

  6. So cute on that shirt and the checkered jacket. Nice hair color too.

  7. Hey I'm doing better. New phone downloading apps that. Was very broken before mentally and spiritually. I feel good now. So... I'm Anthony in orange just so you know... I'm on my way back to normal omg!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus! I *heart* u you know.... the same old... well you have it. *k* ***

  8. You're a very kawaii witch! I love this, it's refreshing!