Devil Walking - Wax or Octopus?


Wax & Octopus Leggings - Devil Walking
Vegan Leather Jacket - THFKDLF
Crop Top - Black Hope Curse
Kraken Cropped Shirt - Gifted
Platform Shoes & Glasses - Vii & Co.

In this lookbook I have styled my two new patterned leggings from Devil Walking! I'm so happy about them since the colors are gorgeous and they both fit amazing! It's so hard for me to find small sizes and these are just perfect on top of that they're super comfortable. I just recommend not to sit on harsh floors as it's not good for the material and scrubs off easily. I paired the Octopus leggings which comes in vibrant colors together with a Kraken shirt I got from an event in London and cropped it afterwards like I do with lots of other shirts lately. By the way, as we speak about London I'm going there again in a week and I'm super excited already! Also because I'm going to meet a very wonderful person who's flying over as well. You will go crazy for us I'm pretty sure as we worked together for years already. Can you guess whom I'm talking about?
Coming back to our post I wear the Wax leggings together with a witchy crop top which matches in color, my new vegan leather jacket with a super lit design over it to make the look complete!

Which of these two leggings designs do you like better? Wax or Octopus?



  1. I love the one with the octopus design since I have a huge addiction to those animals. Wanting an octopus tattoo for ages now!! Also, your Kraken shirt is the best! Have you planned to write a post about your London trip? I would be so interested in all the spots you can recommend! I'm going to London in September and although it's my fifth visit, I can never get enough of this city! I'm always thrilled to discover some new places so it would be really cool to read another post about London (I know you've already written one and I loved it! Actually, it was the reason for me to visit Foster when I'm in London!) :) Lots of love, Lou

    1. Octopus and in general sea animals are such crazy interesting creatures aren't they. When I was younger I wanted to become a marine biologist!
      Yes I'm pretty sure thatI'm going to write about it again since I have a couple of things going on :) I'm so so happy that you have explored Foster through me!! I might go there again next time as well as I need to get my roots touched up. Let me know how you like it there Lou!! Btw in September is the London Edge so check that one out if that isn't the reason for your visit already :) Much love to you and enjoy London 🖤🖤🖤

    2. Yes!! Totally, right? I still try to persuade people that megalodon (which is btw a giant pre age shark in case you didn't know) is still alive i mean how do we know he is not?? We haven't even discovered about 90% of the ocean yet!!

      Omg are you kidding?? Me too! I used to watch "H2O: Just add water" as a kid a lot and i was so desperate to become a marine biologist :') although i was always so scared of sharks, they also fascinated me a lot!

      Can't wait to read your post then!! :)

      Fun fact:i also wanted to know if you're going to the London Edge!! Sadly, i wrote two e-mails to the stuff team if i could join as a random visitor or a blogger but i got an e-mail back in which they told me it's only a fashion show for companies :( i was seriously so disappointed!!
      Also because i follow another person on instagram (her name is: oliviaemelyx) and i think she went there too as blogger but i'm not sure :/ anyway i know i don't have such a great media penetration (i litterally just started my blog a week ago and i'm now writting on my first post) still it would have been so nice.. Actually the person who answered me didn't even ask for my social media so maybe you need to be invited? I don't know..

      Thank you so much for your fast reply! Love, Lou

  2. I would literally wear that first outfit any day! I like to Octopus leggings too, but maybe more for home :)

    x Lilly
    IG: @TheLillyPierce

    1. Aww thanks for your feedback Lilly!! You're such a sweetheart :3 The Octopus leggings is more eye-catching but I just love purple haha :')

  3. OMG the first look is awesome ! I fall in love with this 1st leggings *-*

    La Robe Noire
    IG : @Saskiabzn
    Saskia! xo

    1. Ohh thank you Saskia I'm so happy you like it as well!! Much love to you and have a fab weekend ♥♥

  4. Both are actually nice but the octopus design stands out for me 'coz of its vibrant color.

  5. Whichever it is, you're still slaying anyway! ;)

  6. When it comes to style I like the wax one but with the color I like the octopus 'coz of its shocking color.