London Trip - Foster London, The Ragged Priest, Emily & Much More

You are probably surprised reading from me here again after such a long time. I miss blogging frequently, at the same time enjoy my privacy and the fact that I’m not sharing everything public. So many things changed on social media and I’m definitely not the only one who noticed it. It affects all of us, some more some less but just remember you’re doing this for yourself. 

Anyway, if you have followed me on my Instagram you have probably noticed that I’m coming a bit closer to London again regarding the point to move and to live there. 

I booked flights over there for a couple of days to stay with my babe Emily. I’m really thankful for her and her mother's support and kindness which I really can’t mention often enough. This trip was not only to enjoy London and to see her again but to meet brands, going on events and to get a clearer mind from what I truly want. But did it really helped? This is what you’ll find out in this post now while sharing a bit of my adventures like I used to do before. 

On Saturday after work I made my way off to the airport. What I noticed is my calmness as I feel so much safer now after my trip to NYC which makes London to just a little jump to me. I arrived super late at Emily’s place again since the coach from Stansted always needs a good two hour ride into the city. Welcomed by rain first but then hugging my beloved soul again 💜

On Sunday 
After grabbing a coffee at Costa with Emily I went to Foster London to get my hair done. I went to another salon this time and I’ll definitely go there again as they’ve turned my hair into a bright white color like I used to have and wished for! The grey before was nice but my roots got long and didn’t like the brownish gradient anymore. It’s truly hard to find salons who have the skills and the braveness to turn your hair this white. 

Isn't my darling a cutie? 💜

The salon itself, located in Shoreditch has such a super cute and friendly interior. Small but bright whereto the lightning in there was amazing! Emily also made a little vlog in case you want to check it out here. Super friendly staff and a cute dog called Ramone strolling around. He even sat on my lap for a while when I got my hair washed downstairs :3 

The color turned out literally perfect without going into a blueish or purplish shade which is usually necessary to get rid of the yellowness. That’s actually a great sign of quality and skills! I'm washing my hair with silver shampoo regularly now to give it a steel silver undertone. 

You can also check out Foster Salons website or head over to their Instagram as they have highlighted the hair dye process on their page. 

Before and after below

After that we went around Shoreditch and stepped into Mooshies which is a vegan burger place. I got myself a BBQ jackfruit burger followed by a peanut butter chocolate brownie for the sweet lady here! Both was super nice, especially the dessert hehe. 
I went to Shoreditch quite often before already so the area was familiar to me. On Sunday there are always loads of markets and cultural street food booths with endless vegan options! 

On Monday 
I had my meeting and shooting with The Ragged Priest but before that went into Veggie Pret which is just around the corner. I read about their new vegan chocolate almond butter cookie which I just had to give a try and it was the bomb ugh!! Yes seriously one of the best cookies I’ve ever tried. It was warm, gooey and melted inside. I could have had another one or two haha like really. You need to try it!!! 

The shooting at TRP was so much fun! Later Emily joined and we took pictures together. So excited to see them already. We even wore flare jeans which was completely new to me and I have to admit that I looove them! The Ragged Priest just have the BEST jeans as they fit heavenly and make the nicest butt. But apart from that I also love their other stuff like oversized shirts and cozy sweaters. I took a new pair of double butt cut jeans and a candy knit sweater in rad colors back home with me. You really need to check out their small but cute store when you’re around Oxford Street. The changing room downstairs is perfect for selfies! I don’t want to tell you too much already but who knows... maybe in a few months I’ll welcome you when you drop into the store :) 

We had lunch at Farmstands which was a super lovely locality filled with tons of plants! You can create your own meal there with a selection of different natural foods, most of them vegan too.

In the evening we both and Kinga a friend of us went to a Release The Kraken event which was on a boat on the other side of the London Eye. The view was amazing and we had a couple of good drinks. Also something really fun happened there and I still can’t believe how quickly it was. I saw that Jude my friend from Instagram(we follow each other for years already) was doing a live video and I asked to join. I’ve never seen that somewhere else before and only did a live video once before so seeing her and talking to her was just so crazy! I’d really love to meet her someday as I know lots of people love us together. 

On Tuesday
I met up with Kinga again for a coffee at NEAT then went to the Drop Dead Store where we took cute photo booth pics and checked out a press event for brands like Cheap Monday and Vans afterwards. I can already give you a sneak peek of the CM stuff which comes in wonderful bright orange colors. The Vans collection is lit too I tell you!! 
Later I also went to Underground where I had a shooting last year. The store is as amazing as before and you all loved the stories I posted on Instagram. You can check out my post from last year here to get more impressions. After that I came across a store that sold Asian magazines like the Chinese Vogue. Was so close to buy it ugh. I love the area around Oxford Street a lot. We went to Chinatown later and also Whole Foods which was such a heaven to me! They had loads of vegan foods and there was a café and restaurant with vegan donuts, pizza etc. We also met blogger Kitty Cowell accidentally who’s actually a friend of Emily.

Heading back home to Emily I decided to let her doing some work while I explored the supermarket Asda on my own. It’s a huge one where you can find literally anything. I escalated a bit in there and made a couple of explorations like the vegan Asda cheese or their coconut and almond yoghurts which are basically like from the brand Alpro but for the half price. I also bought the "Free From" Millionaires Shortbread and the Truffle Collection as we don’t have that in Germany at all. Starting with the cheese for only 2£, which I ate straight out of the package as that’s without doubt one of the best cheeses I’ve ever tried before and I tried loads of them already. The vegan cheese in UK is so much better. Thanks Asda for putting that into your own range!! I'll make a post on this cheese later additionally because it simply deserves it. The millionaires shortbread is super tasty too but the truffles are basically to die for. There are four different flavors inside. Can you remember the Werthers Original with caramel filling? These used to be my favorite candy and the salted caramel and vanilla filled truffles in this box basically taste exactly like them!!! I’m obsessed 💜  

On Wednesday 
we had planned a trip to Brighton or Birmingham but felt kinda confused by the weather all over so decided to stay in London for now. The weather was a bit gloomy and rainy first but we also caught a bit sunshine here and there. Emily took me to the Themse and we were chilling in a cute café there where I spotted the super sweet waitress. Oh well I should have talked to her(you know what I mean if you have seen my story on IG). Who knows if she’s still working there when I’m around next time. But anyway, the coffee there was SO good. In another shop I spotted a really cool wine bottle and that vegan butternut mac and cheese. Would love to try it next time!

We were walking around a lot on that day. One of the best was the Saatchi Gallery where we had so much fun taking crazy pictures and looking at the cool paintings and art pieces whereto we made ourselves to a part of them! Kinga also came around later, stepped into the Hagen Espresso Bar and a cute book store where I found two sweet books about cats which I'll probably order later! 

On Thursday 
my last day Emily went to work early and I met her later with my luggage at Costa to go to the launch of Cute Mistake at the Topshop store on Oxford Street. It’s an in Bali based brand with a really sweet background story which you can read about here. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay long with the members and bloggers like Kitty and Jess as I had to leave to the airport again. 

So now after writing way too much again(I’m always writing on my phone on the plane which now has an one and an half hour delay and headed off the ground just right in this moment) I’d like to come to the main thing I wanted to write about. As I told you before, moving to London is basically my biggest dream since years already and everyone knows that, not only people online but my friends and family, my work mates, even dentist or doctors and any other people I see regularly. Well I tried to look a bit forward this time and getting a bit more serious. Collecting both positive and negative affects, hearing about other people’s experiences and opinions. Emily and I are very common about our plans and dreams when it comes to traveling and living. I was looking into flats and rooms with its prices. I would have loved to visit a place apart from England too what didn’t work out this time. And as expected I still can’t tell to 100% if I want/can move. I need more info about the Brexit first. I’ll see what happens within my town. Want to gain experiences at my new job position to take them with me into a new country. And then, I'm absolutely sure it has to happen someday can make the step and get the final chance. No matter whether in three months or in six. No matter if it's London or another city, maybe even another country. I’ll just let the path choosing me like my life used to do before already. 

But all over I have realized that I can still travel around a lot. Maybe this is what excites me the most about London. Living there would become to normality again even tho we have a huge difference speaking about events, jobs and friends. That's with any place in this world I guess. London is just super expensive when it comes to rooms and flats that's my main point right now. I'd like to live on my own like I do now but that won't be easy. Or moving together with someone I know is another option. The city itself could be too overwhelming to me after a while that's why I'd need nature around me. We’ll see what comes to me. I know something has to happen I just don’t know what yet and I also can’t tell you what it is but it’ll come to me. Wherever it leads me to on this planet. Just remember to never give up on your dreams. Patience and hope is everything.



  1. Basically what I've found out is that unless you're a millionaire, you gotta have a roommate in London :'D Even the most famous (and surely wealthy enough) Youtubers have roommates bc it's so expensive.

    I too love London and have similar feelings about moving there, or somewhere around the UK bc it just feels like everything's better there (and all of my favorite brands are from the UK, so I'd also save in shipping costs ;) I haven't been to London for over three years now and I'm so sad, I miss it like crazy! I really need to get money and fly over, even for a weekend or something!

    About the Brexit, I hear that it at least won't affect travelling from the EU that much and I'm hoping it goes with immigration as well. Let me know what you find out bc I am curious about this too! :) Also, loving every outfit and the hair <3

    x Lilly
    IG: @TheLillyPierce

    1. Oh well damn then it's true! I mean I have nothing against a roommate everything has pos and cons but I'm so used to have my own flat it's weird thinking of living with someone again. Especially thinking about with whom as everyone seems to be so distanced and isolated from society.

      Yess the same for me just with brands instead of bands! Which would involve my job and work as well next to my passion of course. Flying over to London isn't that expensive(at least not from Germany) I'm not sure where you live but you should really treat yourself for a visit again I'm sure it will makes you feeling better <3

      I'll keep you updated on the Brexit topic for sure. The changes should begin in the first chapter of next year. I'll see if I can make it before. But this really shouldn't stop me from following my dreams. Nor should it affect you dear x

      Have a fab weekend Lilly and thank you for reading my post and leaving such lovely words!! <3

  2. Dear beautiful Kimi,

    As always... I have no idea where to begin.
    It has been such a long time since my last comment on one of your blogposts, and I am sorry for that.
    It is still so difficult, nothing really changes in my life (for the better). It has stayed the same, and I do not really know how my future is going to be.
    Anyway, that is not important.
    Let's talk about you.
    First of all, I am glad you have friends there in London, and it's also very nice that you enjoy being there so much! I can understand your dream of perhaps moving to this city/country, though it is indeed quite expensive and it definitely has some disadvantages (as does everything, really). I just think that you are going to make the right choice either way, when the time is there... no matter what it is, as long as you are truly happy with(in) yourself and the things you do in your life and the way you live your life. I can't mention it enough, that your mental and/or physical health is simply the most important. That should always stay so.

    I am proud of you. That you went to London, and did all these things there. It can be too overwhelming, sometimes... being with others, walking around in a city and shopping etc... so, basically having such a busy-ish (free-time) schedule... but you did it! And that's so cool. You can really do anything you want, whenever you want. Even if you think or feel that something limits you, it is only imaginary. Nothing can limit you, not even your physical body. Like, think outside the box. Am I writing too much nonsense? I am sorry, I am also a bit confused (lately). I do not want to mean anything in a bad way. I just want to tell you for the time how marvellous I think you are. Aah, I sometimes can not even believe that someone like you exists -haha.

    I also want to say something about the photo's. As always, they are amazing! Your style has not gotten any less awesome. I wish I could be comfortable wearing those clothing, in which YOU look absolutely magnificent. And your hair is also sooo nice! It really suits you so well. It just reflects your pure and complex and fragile (but strong!) soul. At least, that is how I experience it.

    And... at last, thank you for posting this - but it is no problem that you do not post all the time. You should only post when you feel like it, and when you feel strong enough for it (you are always strong enough, but 'feeling it' as well can be difficult at times). I always love reading your words. They mean a lot to me, and so do you / of course. Even though I haven't met you, yet, still, haha.
    Try not to stress too much about the future. Life itself will guide you onto your path. Do not let yourself be influenced by anything or anyone that tries to manipulate you, to take you onto another (bad) path. You have the power, to decide, to live, to exist, to be yourself. Always stay true to yourself, always stay true to your dreams.


    1. Lola <3

      I'm so happy to read from you again! It feels like it's been a year ago or something since I've heard from you. I was about to ask you how you have been but you gave me an answer already so thanks for letting me know! It's also about you as I care about you :) I'm sure things have changed in your life as well already. You just haven't noticed it yet. You'll realize it once you look back into detail. Remember everything takes time.

      Unfortunately it is so hard to keep the mental health in balance as you can't really keep it positive when you are not happy with your situation and surrounding. It's like a vicious cycle. That's why I'm running out of patience very bad at the moment.
      But you've reminded me about the trip itself again. Now that you mention that you're proud of me, it feels a bit different as it was much easier than it was back then when I struggled so much with traveling.
      You can also wear anything you want darling. What is stopping you? Just wear it for yourself not anyone else! <3
      I find it hard to run two jobs and doing posts here at the same time as I usually write deep words and feeling out of my soul, whereto I need time which I don't have enough of at the moment. It breaks my heart. But next week a new change is coming to me with new challenges so it will help me hopefully :)
      I'd love to hear more about your life tho too! Anyway, have a wonderful weekend darling and remember you're always on my mind!!

      Much love xx

    2. this is wrong no matter who is ^

  3. Lovely photos Kimi, I love looking at the pictures it expresses so much on you. How I wish I could live there too.

  4. Oh my, you two look so good and so happy! I love your outfits! I honestly think they're to die for.

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  6. Hi dear, I hope you enjoyed London and would come visit again next time!