Grell, Is That You?

Red Beret - Vii & Co.
Round Glasses - In Control Clothing
Libra Tee - Sarah Thursday
Sleepy Hollow Abalone Choker - Shop Dixi
Amethyst Wolf Head Necklace - Solrayz

Wow let me begin that I'm super excited and happy to share a look like that with you again like I used to over the years. I had two days off from work so I actually made use of the time to live out my passion jumping into a different character. Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler popped up in my mind after looking at the second photo on the right "Grell, is that you?" I was thinking and that's how the story began!
I realized that I haven't took proper pictures in my favorite Libra Tee from my talented darling Sarah yet. She's such a sweet lady and hard-working soul. Do you know what? I'll probably meet her in the end of June for the first time. This is so exciting and I can't wait to meet her in person after all these years we've worked together!! 
Coming back to the look I love how my purple hair goes so well along to the red accents! I hope you enjoy this look as much as I do. I know the pictures look quite all the same but I just couldn't decide which one to use haha

By the way, did you notice the difference in this look? Right now I try to figure out if I want to keep my Labret piercing in or not. It feel my lips look much fuller when I don't wear it. What do you think? Should I keep it or not?



  1. You look gorgeous! It fits you so well! Although I love your labret, your lips DO look fuller without it.. Maybe try going without it for a while. Maximum, you can always bring it back :)

    1. Aww you're super sweet darling! I knew I'm not the only one who noticed it :) The problem with the labret is that I can't just take it out for longer than a couple of hours since it closes so quickly. It's not like with a septum piercing which you can leave out for a couple of days or even longer. That's why D:

    2. Yeah I know you can't leave it out for too much time, but I meant you can always do that piercing again if you really miss it. Some times it's just good to refresh your body. I always go out with a lot of accessories like rings and earrings, but I have those weeks I want to feel kind of pure and go out without anything of that (it's a little bit different with a piercing, but still) :)

  2. Its still looks nice even with the piercing. You are beautiful on your own way.