Sea Summer Breeze

Hair Dye - Maria Nila
Sunglasses - Vintage similar here and here
Body and Dress - H&M similar here and here
Howling Moon Wolf Choker - Shop Dixi
Le Femme Pendant - Witch Worldwide

Well it has been a while since I posted something here on my blog. I have to say that things are super messy lately and I find it hard to keep an overview on everything. Not only from this blog but also in real life. My flat is flowing over with clothes, boxes and things that I probably don't even need. I struggle a lot with time again, and time pressure means stress overall which makes everything even more stressful. I'm not saying that I don't feel good that's no the point, I'm just a little overwhelmed with keeping a schedule in my two lives. Yes you've heard right, I'm living two lives actually and now imagine how it must feels like when you live on your own running two jobs having your own flat, constant pressure and the lack of time while having a lot of people behind you. I'm not complaining, I actually accept what life gave me, I just want to write out my thoughts and let you know how I actually feel. Today I had a day off from work so I cleaned my flat among some other things which I had to do. I have only managed to make a couple of ticks from my to do list. Not enough. Still so much to do. I just want to calm down for a moment.

In case you have missed it on my Instagram - I have been to Berlin and Rostock for a week and had such an amazing time! I met a super lovely blogger friend from London and we've spend adventures in Berlin together. Everything was so peaceful and calm yet super funny and exciting. I could finally enjoy myself and leave pressure away from me. Also Rostock was wonderful as I saw my sister and my dad again for the first time this year. A blog post from everything will follow too and I'll explain everything a bit more there in detail. 

For now I just hope to get my schedule back, posting things a bit regularly and not messing up with my inner clock and balance. My heart is racing, my hands are shaking. My head full of thoughts, yet I keep breathing, learning to keep living with this state.


  1. Ahh I adore these photos hun! The round sunglasses really suit you! I'm so glad that you had fun in Berlin, and hope your time off was well spent! <3
    Kinga xx