Let's Make It To Our Own Runway

Vegan Leather Jacket - VII & Co.
"Aquarius" Tee - Sarah Thursday
Kiss My Ass Acid Wash Shorts - Disturbia
Fuck What They Think Socks-  Killstar
Fishnet Tights - Skoot Apparel
Tractor Boots - T.U.K. via Kate's Clothing
Keiko Kitty Wallet & Backpack - Killstar

Two weeks ago I finally met a wonderful soul and blogger friend from London which I know from Instagram for years already. Another example how amazing social media can be. The strange thing is that I can't even remember how we've found each other. I just know that we follow each other for years there already. And this must be one of the reasons why our souls feel so connected. And when we met, it turned into reality.

Emily and I started to text on Facebook someday, mostly about blogging stuff and our goals and dreams like living in Japan or working deeper in the fashion industry. At London Edge in February we saw each other for the first time ever but only for a minute, a Hey, hearty hug and a quick picture.
The other day some months later she spontaneously booked her flights to Germany and I was just so surprised as it is so rare that I meet people with this "just do it. Ok I did it now." opinion, if you understand. These kind of people are what I really appreciate in my life since this is something I often miss in myself.

We changed our plans a little bit as we heard about the demonstrations in Hamburg which happened exactly when we wanted to spend time together so we decided to stay in Berlin throughout the days. It was at the time of the Berlin Fashion Week as well, which I strangely totally forgot about. We didn't noticed much of it but made the capital to our own little fashion runway. 

We stayed at a beautiful flat from a friend of a friend of my friend :D And for real, the flat was just so breathtaking I really need to say it again. Also the owner was so super sweet and friendly. Thank you again even if I know that she probably won't read it but it's worth a mention!
My boy Layke who was in Berlin for a tattoo appointment a day before stayed with us for one more night so we went out on Thursday to take pictures. Let me just mention that he never really had a camera in his hands before, only when I introduced him to my job and photography. I can't believe how good and professional he already is. Thanks to him for all the pretty pictures ♥
Coming back to the fact that it was Thursday, I accidentally wore a fitting shirt from my babe and fav artist Sarah Thursday from her amazing Seiza Project. A couple days before I received a bunch of stuff from the new Killstar collection. Of course I decided for some Keiko Kitty design goodies which I took with me on my journey. The design remind me exactly of Jiji from one of my favorite movies by Ghibli, Kiki's Delivery Service!

I also love Emily's look in here so much. I have to admit that I was never a fan of the frilly pants but she totally rocks it and has changed my mind on it! Overall her blue hair is so captivating and you can see we both totally need our accessories and jewelry, especially the rings! On the last day she gifted me with that little holographic panda(?) lucky charm you can see in the second picture quite well. I'm wearing it on my jacket now so she's always with me wherever I go ♥ On the second day I showed her around central Berlin and some vintage stores. We also went into Urban Outfitters where I got myself new glasses and a shock of the 17€ peanut butter and red velvet Oreos which I nearly bought but left behind after I saw the ridiculous high price x_x In another shop we got caught for a while as there was a huge selection of 10€ vintage tees. I nearly bought a really cool checkered tennis bomber jacket and a yellow tee and Emily an orange shirt, but just nearly. Now I know that yellow suits me so well and really need to get myself some other pieces to style! 
The last day was the hardest of course. We woke up and had our everyday morning coffee and cig on the balcony with a view over Berlin. She left to Hamburg for her flight and I took my bus to Rostock, whereto a post will follow too.

You can check out Emily's blog Emilina Love or watch the blue, yellow and orange aesthetics on her Instagram.

Thank you babe for the wonderful days. The open and honest chats we had. The trust and confidence you gave me throughout this short but wonderful time. I love you so much and I miss you everyday ♥


  1. I'm glad your guys friendship blossomed. Your top is gorgeous and even though the character looks kinda sad still comes off beautiful. I think mustard would look amazing against your gray hair. Your friends blue hair and checkered sunglasses are such a look :)

    1. Thank you so much for reading my post and leaving feedback Diana. It really means a lot to me ♥ Honestly I can't wait for autumn because I have a huge mustard yellow sweater which I want to wear then :')

      Much love to you ♥

  2. Emo Hair style & emo look is too good..

  3. Your look damn attractive.. & i like your hairs to much

  4. Blonde you look stunning.! your leg tattoo so attractive.! totally illuminate.!