My Favorite Jewelry Designers

Hey Guys!
 Over the past weeks I have received some very beautiful rings from different designers. What I love about these is that literally all of them are hand-made, unique and in high-quality. I connect clothing and also jewelry with powers, memories or specific feelings which makes me feeling better or protected when I am wearing them. I want to show you my favorites and who creates them. Note that you can't find these in any store and it is not casual fashion jewelry so you get yourself something really special!

This woman creates some really rad jewelry. I own a couple of pieces from her, two rings and two necklaces. Her work reminds me of video games like Skyrim and The Witcher what is always a damn good sign, so ethereal. I love to wear The Unicorn and The Crescent Moon Necklace both at the same time as they have the perfect length to combine. The Spiral Moonstone Ring became to one of my all time favorites. It fits so perfect and I love how the Moonstone changes its color in the light, from white to a soft blue and purple. Lastly the Trident Ring which I like to wear as a Midi.

Souvenir Jewelry

This lady is another great designer creating dope stuff. Her jewelry combines rock, punk and metal to me, some pieces a lil bit gypsy too. The rings look amazing especially on tattooed hands! I own two rings and a midi stack from her. The Bone Shaker Ring is actually my favorite. no need to explain it. The Get Lost Ring has a different meaning than defined to me, more like a travel ring "Get Lost in the Wide and Endless World".

Tokyo Humanexperiments

This was a really special experience. I own a little collection of them and each ring is made with love and effort. The wonderful thing was that I've received pictures via DM from each step of creating these pieces, beginning from drawing the designs to carving and plating. It took a while but so worth it, I was always up to date! I've got seven rings in total. My favorites are both of the custom "Witch" rings which I have asked for. I have gifted one of the skull rings without initials my boyfriend, like "You are my Demon and I am your Witch.♥" 

Customer care and personal messages are very important to me and I have to say that it couldn't be any better here. Big thanks to you ♥

Mac Designs

Another great artist, another heaven full of beautiful gems. You can find a lot of pretty gemstones in the pieces. From big but also very small and petite rings. I own four of them which came is such an unbelievable cute package, a little box filled with moss which has encased each ring softly. The Sad Girl Onyx Ring is very awesome, so black and deep and I love the teardrop shape so much. One Medusa Stacker Ring with a reptile optic, kinda like a snake to me(my spirit animal) next to a little Moonstone Ring which is great to combine. My favorite, the cutest Ring which I haven't seen anywhere else before is the tiny Bee Charmer Midi Ring. I'm wearing it on my little finger now.

Of course these are not the only brands and designers which I wear and love. The Rogue + The Wolf, Regalrose, Shop Dixi or Black Moon are some others which I can really recommend!
I hope this post will help you to find some pretty and rare gems for your fingers and neck


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    Kinga x

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