Flower Urns and Black Lipstick

Black Velvet Lipstick - Lime Crime
Flower Urn Hoodie - Custom Plugs
Loop Scarf - Weekday similar
Luna Tank - Inirva
Acid Jeans - Monki(DIY) similar and here
Flatform Shoes - Dr.Martens(Thrifted)

Flower Flower Urns and Black Lipstick like ready for your funeral.

One of those very casual day outfits. I just met up with a good friend, bought beer and food and chilled out in town. I had my camera with me so we took some spontaneous photos. Seeing me with glasses is very rare, especially on photos :D I'm shortsighted, not that bad though but I should better wear them more often. It's not that I don't like glasses, just not this one as it is the first model I have from beginning on and it's far away from stylish to me. You should never be afraid of wearing glasses. I remember back in school when I was too afraid to put them on, afraid what my classmates would shout at me. Now I would give a fucking fuck :)


  1. I have to wear glasses often too but I don't because the pair I own doesn't seem wearable for daily wear, so right now I'm on the hunt for new glasses that would suit my outfits! :)

    skinnydecxflatte.blogspot.com xo

    1. Oh damn yes I struggle with the same thing! I wish I could recommend you a store but it is so hard to find something and I haven't made any experiences yet. I think the best thing is so get yourself a normal frame from another store and you go to an optician to turn them into spectacles! :) I hope you'll find some cool glasses very soon ♥

  2. You look so cool!
    I use to wear glasses but now my eyesight got better, however I'm bit sad I dont need to wear them any more as you look awesome in your glasses, wish I could pull them off!
    Kinga x