Sweet Potato Curry Coconut Milk Soup with Chickpeas

I have posted a picture of this dish on my Snapchat(kimiperii) a few days ago and promised to share the recipe as it is just sooo yummy! I just love the combination of sweet potato and chickpeas. Okey, seriously, chickpeas are life! You can never go wrong with these little things, you can even make cookie dough out of it how amazing is that? So you have to know that I'm putting them in and on literally everything :D So but back to the soup: Sweet potatoes are more expensive than normal potatoes but of course they taste completely different and much more better to me. It is a matter of taste, either you like them or not but to me they just taste heavenly :) I haven't tried it as soup before though, just in salad in combination with avocado and chickpeas and things like that. The coconut milk makes the soup creamy and rich and gives it a refreshing kick. It's very filling and healthy!

So the recipe below is very estimated as I prefer to cook visceral. Be a bit spontaneous and add more or less of the ingredients after your preferences :) You can also leave out to vegetables completely. I just put them in because healthy and I like to make my portion bigger ;)

You will need:

One large sweet potato(200-250grams)
Around 300 ml water
100 grams frozen or fresh vegetables(I'm using a mix of frozen carrot, broccoli and cauliflower)
50-70 ml coconut milk
a half can chickpeas
curry powder and salt

Cut the sweet potato into small pieces. Meanwhile heat the salted water in a pot. Once it boils add the sweet potato cubes and reduce the heat. Cook it till it's slowly getting soft, check it with a fork. Then add the frozen vegetables(if you use fresh vegetables add it together with the sweet potato earlier) and the coconut milk(I have used half of it to put the rest on top) and the curry powder as much as you desire. Stir it, let it simmer till it's all ready and take it off the plate. Now blend the soup with a hand blender to a smooth mash. Take a pretty bowl, fill it in and crown it with the chickpeas and a splash of coconut milk. That's it! 

So simple but so amazing :) Let me know if you are going to try it out and share your experiences with me!