Animal Crossing New Leaf Childhood Memories

Wig - Donalovehair
Logo Beanie - Long Clothing
Moon Shine Snow Opal Necklace - Shop Dixi
New Leaf Tee -  No Face Neko
Black Shorts - H&M(DIY)
Ombré Lips - Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet and Wicked

I think we all have something that we connect with our childhood. Movies and games like Harry Potter and Fable or foods like plum jam, egg liqueur and dads fresh and warm, good smelling raisin pound cake give me such a heartwarming feeling as they remind me of my parents and my childhood. My biggest memory ist still Animal Crossing. I remember back the day when I got Wild World at Christmas, crawled in my bed late and was so tired but too excited not to start playing it. The impression and my big eyes, this tiny but beautiful village there. The day when I felt in love and knew where my new place to escape is. I have played it like everyday, till today, just that I switched to New Leaf, the follower version. I have pre-ordered the special DS version with a New Leaf design to satisfy my fan feelings. I don't own Happy Home Designer as my mind was split about it but I'll probably order it on Amazon later next to Yo-Kai Watch. Till today, my DS and my little village Kawaland are with me everyday and I connect it with so much more than just my past. I have met two lovely friends over there, one of my best friends who I have visited last year and will see this summer hopefully again. So strange how a game can connect people. So this shirt which I am wearing here is more than just a beautiful Animal Crossing shirt to me, it's filled with so much good vibes and memories ♥

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I'm really curious about you now. What do you personally connect with your childhood and what fills your heart with warmth? 


  1. oh wow that shirt ist so cute! I used to love animal crossing <3
    allerliebste Grüße
    deine Limi ♥

    1. Yes I could die over it D':

      Allerliebste Grüße zurück ♥

  2. Oh Animal Crossing, that really brings back childhood memories...
    Me and my friends used to play this a lot.
    And this shirt is more than perfect. <3
    Yours Lisa

    from Fukurou no Yuki

    1. You should start to play it again and to bring back your childhood ♥

    2. You're right. <3 I even have Animal Crossing New Leaf. :3 I should really revive this memory. <3

  3. Harry Potter reminds me to my childhood too! and a lot of piano songs because i grew up listening to my grandma and the people that she teaches, now she's teaching me. And lots of songs that my dad stills playing with the guitar, and listening to. The games that i used to play were pet party, cakemania and the simms. You're awesome! keep being special :)

    1. Yay Harry Potter is just pure love and magic ♥ Omg that sounds so lovely, I love piano! It's my dream to learn it and to play a few songs, it's just so calming to me. You can be so happy to have the chance to get teached, especially from a family member wo has a lot of knowledge and wisdom! I can remember Pet Party too! :D I think I used to play it on Facebook but it was called Pet Society. Now I have similar game on my iPhone called HappyPetStory, it's amazing too! :) Thank you so much for sharing this with me, you are wonderful ♥