Botanic Vibes

Oh hello and ahh guys I know it's been a while!! But I was not at home the last weeks because I had spent my time in my hometown Rostock together with my friends and family and when I came back home again I had so much things to do, no time for my blog but I wanted to give you a quick update. I have so much plans for the next week and again not much time for my blog, but I try my best and you can follow me on my Instagram where I post frequently. I also got an iPhone 5s now finally! The photo quality is awesome and it's so fast and I can also finally use internet when I'm on the road. That makes it so much easier and better for me to post! Anyway, I had a wonderful time in Rostock with long walks through the town, forests and along the Baltic sea and found my new favorite vegan ice cream bar. I will post a few photos which are still on my camera later. After I came back home I bought a few new clothing pieces along with three new baby plants for my room which you can see on the photos below :3

Matching to the photos and the headline(I don't want to say too much about the design already) I will get tattooed in the next days again, I'm so excited! Also a good friend comes to visit me to stay with me for a few days :) Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful week, stay witchy ♥



  1. Love the outfit so much, stunning! ♥

  2. Bin gespannt auf dein neues Tattoo!
    Hab zwar kein Instagram, habe aber jetzt immer wieder rein geschaut. Liebe deinen Style einfach. Hast mich damit gefesselt :)

    1. Es ist großartig geworden :) Instagram kann ganz interessant sein, finde aber dass es mächtig nachgelassen hat. Die wirklich talentierten Leute und Künstler haben sich entfernt, allgemein der ganze Social Media Kram ist nicht mehr wie es mal war. Aber Vielen Dank ♥