Abandoned Times

A new district means loads of new places to explore. I love to combine my adventure and discover trips with photography and my love for fashion and this is what came out. I have found a cool old abandoned building in my neighbourhood. It was kind of creepy because after a while I heard voices from the other end of the building but it was really funny and I could collect a good amount of different photos and experiences. I'm wearing my new tee from Rebel Circus along to selfmade studded shorts and knee-high socks, casual but with a rocking touch, especially in combination with a leatherjacket. I have pimped up mine with new pins from World Famous Original. I really love patches and pins in general. They give your clothing and jackets, no matter if leather or denim a personal touch. It's unique and a great eyecatcher! I will definitely collect more in future, also to personalize my Levis denim jacket.

Americana Moto Jacket - UNIF
Lava Ball Stone Necklace - Solrayz
Rings - Ohm Boho

Ink Addict Bully Racerback Tank Top - Rebel Circus
Studded Denim Shorts - DIY
Knee High Socks
Platform Sneaker - Amazon


  1. I follow you on instagram and I didn't know you have blog, I love your style so much! You have a pretty and perfect body <3

    1. That's so kind thank you so much! :) But I use Instagram much more than my blog x