"Nevermore" Shirt - Bis Zur Raserei
In The Midst of Winter Shirt - Bis Zur Raserei
Levis DIY Cutoff Shorts - Vintage
Floral Print Tights - H&M
Ruby Red Creepers - T.U.K

I went out to my favorite abandoned house to shoot my two new shirts from Bis Zur Raserei. I combined them casual and simple with high-waisted Levis shorts, flower printed tights and creepers. I think the "in The Midst of Winter" shirt would also look great to a white tennis skirt or school girl skirt and black knee high socks because the small logo on the right front kinda reminds me to a cute and sporty fashionable tennis player or also to Harry Potter and Quidditch :3 I'll probably create that outfit later to show you what I'm talking about :) 
I hope you like the photos ♥