Martin Bergström - A Swedish Fashion Designer for Photowall + My Personal Tip for Flatlays!

You surely know how much I love vintage clothes and thrift-store heavens. A background and story in each unique clothing piece filled with memories, time and history. But not only fashion but furniture, buildings and interior design can be enchanted by this wonderful gift. When I have first heard of this awesome collaboration between the Swedish, in Stockholm based company Photowall and fashion designer Martin Bergström my heart literally started melt away from happiness. Martin is also known for his SVÄRTAN collection he made for IKEA in year 2016. He educated in Stockholm and in Berlin with a focus on fashion which he now exhibits in the world of art and fairytales in different ways.

The project for Photowall is called "Flora Hysterica", inspired and made from flowers which grew years back ago on our planet. Martin has been fascinated with flowers by the age of three already and so he put this passion into this beautiful idea which is like a time capsule pressed between the sheets of paper. His herbarium of flowers counts to over 1000 already with the oldest one originating from the early 19th century. From his own words he's telling us: "I see this wallpaper collection as an opportunity for one small flower to bloom yet again and continue its timeline."

The design process for the Flora Hysterica collection is a very interesting and important part which I'd like to explain you in steps. It involved scanning select flowers using microtechnology to capture every detail of each flower into the wallpaper pattern. The scanned image was then integrated onto a colored background and finally developed using mixing techniques and color layers to achieve the right structure and shade. One wallpaper pattern can include up to 20 color layers. 

Martin Bergström integrated flora into all the wallpaper patterns in a natural way yet retained much drama in the process, which clearly showcases the artistry behind the collection and makes Flora Hysterica a perfect fit for every room.

 With these wallpapers, each one reflecting freedom in its own unique way he wants to give people the opportunity to create their own little world in their home – a life filled with decoration in a space for reflection and daydreaming. 

You can choose between five different designs, each of them costs £29 per square metre. The collection which is now available since today the 15th of March is findable on Photowall here.

There's also much more to explore on the Photowall website and one great point is that they ship worldwide! My favorite design from this collection is definitely the black one as this fits the best to my style, closely followed by the green and white design which I would totally use as well if my interior would match. The white must look heavenly in combination with a dark wooden floor in a light-flooded apartment. I went for the black design but didn't used it for my wall yet as I want to keep it once I move into a bigger apartment. 

Now coming to a very cool personal idea which I figured out after I have received my sample designs, not only for bloggers but everyone who loves to take pictures or to create flatlays - You can actually use the wallaper as background for them! No matter if you put outfits together or an artsy collection of your favorite goodies of the month. These backgrounds will give your feed a very cool and fresh touch! Here some personal samples to get inspiration:

I'm really excited to launch this release with all of you and would like to speak out a huge thanks to both, to the designer Martin Bergström itself and also Photowall who make it possible to put these beautiful art pieces into our own little cozy place. It such an amazing feeling to feel history in form of nature and creativity in the own four walls.  

Which design is your personal favorite? Please let me know in the comments! 

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