Poprageous Ghibli Heaven

Poprageous has surprised me and made me RAGE, but in a positive way! 
 I got my package with this wonderful dreamy Qinni Ghibli Leggings in my mail and just can't stop to smile over this beauty!

The little characters on it, Totoro with his little fellows, Chihiro and Haku, the Soot Sprites and of course Princess Mononoke on the bottom along with Ponyo, Howell and Sarah! I mean, how can you be not totally excited to carry all these wonderful creatures on your legs? ♥

My first Ghibli movie which I have seen on TV ever was Spirited Away and I felt immediately in love, especially with the little Soot Sprites, as well with Haku the dragon and all the other characters, the world, this pure magical feeling!

Later the charm continued with Howl's Moving Castle and, one of my absolutely faves, Princess Mononoke! The background and dialogues in this movie are very connected with the nature and the humanity who tries to kill the woods and nature together with the animals, what also takes a big problem in reality and the existence of the earth, and this topic is really important and worrying to me!

I have already seen literally every single Ghibli movie and artworks from Hayao Miyazaki, they are all wonderful in their own way, some of them, like Kiki's Delivery Service

count to my favorite movies ever ♥

In general I combine colorful tights or leggings with black clothes as I don't want to cause to much jumble. Fortunately I have also received my sweatshirt from Stay Creepy Clothing with the new 'ROOTS' design, so I thought to put it together!

But there is much more behind it, not only about the colors. The 'We All Return To Our Roots' quote, the dark, dead aura, is a contrast to the untouched, green beautiful nature design of the leggings, but if we think deeper, it has a very similar background again, especially if we come back to the movie 'Princess Mononoke', about the humans who want to kill the nature and the forest spirit, the god of 'Life and Death'.

I think this is now one of my new absolutely favorite gems in my clothing collection, it has personality and describes my character perfectly, what I can show to the outside now!
The quality is also absolutely awesome, super soft like a second skin!

Poprageous has a huge collection of leggings with different patterns and designs, also dresses and other clothing pieces, a look in their SHOP is worth it!


  1. Love the outfit! And the other outfits you have post on your blog! Cool!


  2. Der Style steht Dir unglaublich gut. Gefällt mir wirklich sehr an Dir. :)

    Liebste Grüße,
    Lisa von Ash Blonde

  3. Love the outfit!
    Especially the huge and comfy scarf <3