Witch don't kill my Vibe

This outfit is really ''Me'' as you maybe already know ''Little White Witch''

I honestly always had problems with combining my kitty tights.
 Normally I have just selected a simple black tank top but it was pretty boring, so I thought to play around more with the accessories and fabrics - glitter threads, lace details, my beloved and usual jewelry and a silk hat that makes it perfect!

Another thing: any wishes what you want me to blog about or what you would love to know/see from me? I have recently started with this blog and I highly appreciate every kind of help, ideas and wishes!


Top Hat - H&M
Black and Golden Glitter Cape - Flea Market
Black Glitter Lace Dress - Second Hand
Jewelry - selfmade
Cat Tights
Studded Creepers


  1. loveeee the outfit
    also, your hair is so beautiful
    *new follower here*


  2. What about a type of "tutorial" about how you personally like to pick and combine different clothing pieces when making an outfit?

    1. that sounds interesting..even if I'm not sure what exactly you mean but I will keep it on my mind, maybe I can make something out of it, thank you :3

  3. Hey Kimi! What about your skills you learned in the fashion school? Sketches or something like that. Or things you sewed. Or may be books/tutorials to progress. :)

    1. Hey, I wish I could post about the things I have done in school but I had to left it after already around two months, I have started to work on different things and clothes but couldn't finish them so I can't post anything about it :( but I would love to post about the drawings and sketches I do at home sometimes, I think that should work too! thank you for your ideas xx

  4. Du bist echt immer noch sehr hübsch, du hast recht du siehst aus wie eine kleine Hexe :D Das passt aber zu dir, du hast einen guten Mode Geschmack^^


    1. was heißt denn hier ''immer noch''? kennen wir uns von früher? :) und dankeschön, liebste grüße zurück xx

  5. tolles outfit ;D richtig cool ;D und wieder einen neue haarfarbe ;D....
    allerliebste Grüße
    deine Limi ♥