Vegan ''Apple Strudel'' Breakfast Recipe

The best thing about waking up in the morning is breakfast. I mean, how can some people start their day without having breakfast, like seriously? I think I will never understand it. My foods and dishes are pretty much influenced by my creativity. I don't usually share it public but I don't wanted to neglect you this idea and recipe because it's just soo yummy and so easy to make! As a single-living person I often have troubles to find specific foods which don't only come in family-sized packages, like, in this case, a typical German Apfelstrudel. There are a few vegan deep-frozen Apfelstrudel available here in Germany, for example the Coppenrath & Wiese Apfelstrudel or the ones from Netto, Aldi, Kaufland etc.

So I was craving for a piece of warm Apple Strudel right in the morning but didn't had it in the house but found wraps in my fridge instead.

For one Strudel you will need:

- a wrap(got mine from Rewe)
- strawberry marmelade(or other flavors, you can be creative)
- a half of an apple
- a half a banana
- cinnamon and sugar or sweetener of your choice
- a half handful of raisins
- vanilla soy yoghurt as topping
- vegan whipped cream or vanilla ice cream(or the famous nana-nice cream) if wanted

At first I have spread the marmelade all over the wrap. Then I cut the apple and the banana into small pieces and poured them into a separate bowl along with the raisins. Add cinnamon and sweetener, whisk well and microwave it for 1-2 minutes. Now add the mixture on your wrap and roll it up to a tight roll. 

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees. At first I have put the wrap into tin foil but it's not necessary I think. Just place it onto a baking plate and bake it for like 10-15 minutes, depends on how brown you want to have it so just trust your own feeling. I honestly love nearly burned food :D After the wrap turned golden brown take it out, serve it warm on a plate and top it with cold soy yoghurt or vanilla ice cream and add a blob of whipped cream if wanted, Enjoy!

I hope you like it. If you have any questions or recipe wishes feel free to leave a comment!

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  1. So tasty! I just made this with ginger pear jam and just apples inside, and also nana ice cream on top since I had no vegan yogurt. I think it would be nice with pumpkin and apple inside for an autumn twist.