Today I have received my, in a beautiful designed box treasured Tiny Tea from Your Tea! They have a wonderful variety of different teas, like Sleep Tea, Hangover Tea, Sex Tea or a Skin Magic Tea, just to list a few of them! They all have specific effects which give you a better feeling and nourish your body! It helps you in points like easing bloating, weight loss or to get a better, clearer skin

Enjoying my first Tiny Tea in my beloved cup by Keep Cup!
Please also have a look at their Page, they sell wonderful, eco friendly cups and you can personalize it's size and design after your own wishes. I take it with me all the time wherever I go! It's also so supportive for the environment as you avoid the plastic cups that you normally get from coffee shops and bakeries

Tea in general is just so wonderful and relaxing, good four your soul and your mind, so if you are also a tea lover like me you will love their ones! You can get more information of Your Tea on their Website and feel free to ask them in case of open questions, also find out about the kind of tea that fits perfectly to you

I hope it will help me to reduce my problems with my bad digestive system and bloating
I'll keep you up on date with my detox plan and share my progress and experiences with you later


  1. Oh this company sounds really nice! Maybe I'll test these teas too :)

    I'm not sure but I think my brother has also a cup from keepcup - sounds a little bit funny but I like how the cup feels in my hand - its kinda softly ^^ - sorry, when my english is not the best, i'm german :)


  2. Ich liebe dein Blog !!! Richtig toll !!! Würde mich wirklich um ein Feedback von dir richtig freuen,weil ich auch Ca seid einem Monat blogge. wurde mich wirklich sehr freuen